Jahr: 2009

Christmas Under Palms

Yesterday Vanessa brought me to the airport and I left for the holidays. This year I am celebrating Christmas not in winter wonderland, but under palms on the beautiful island of Madeira. I have to admit, I had to make myself familiar with the thought of celebrating Christmas in a warm country. I thought it wouldn’t really feel like christmas and something would be missing. But since I’ve celebrated here also last here, I can say that’s definetely not true. The whole island is decorated with a thousands of lights and things christmas trees with lots of balls, mistletoes and everything else you can imagine. Moreover you can have the view of the isalnd , which is looking like a giant Christmas tree itself with all the marvellous lights. There’s a christmas market and “Santa Baby” is played everywhere. To sum up: over here, we have all the christmassy stuff we have in Germany or anywhere else. The only difference: you can swim in the light blue pool, can lie in the sun and wear …

Our friendship began with contraries. Now we are twins.

There are some friendships in this world that are absolutely extraordinary. You found someone with whom you have a feeling you don’t have with anyone else. Without this person there would be something missing in your life. I think you can guess who I’m talking about… My Vanessa. The time I passed in France made me think of a lot of different things that are happening in my life, back here I see some things with different eyes and somehow clearer than before. I thought a lot about my friendships, the most important ones and what makes them so special for me. So I remembered how I met her this one day in school. It was the day on an English competition and all students were passing some tests to find out there English Levels. I was in the waiting room with Vany and a couple of classmates. I think this was the first time we talked with each other and somehow we got very familiar in such a short time. After this day we …

Paris Paris

Hello Midnight Couture Readers! This is going to be my last post from Germany for a while. On Wednesday, I’m heading off to France. There I’m going to pass two months – it’s a school exchange. Luckily I found a host family who’s living very close to the actually greatest fashion capital. You know what I’m talking about? Guess? Yeah, right, it’s PARIS! I’m already a little sad I have to leave all my lovely friends, my dearest Vanessa, my family and Berlin behind me. But I’m sure this will be an exciting adventure and a big new experience! I want to sample the French way of life, the savoir vivre. Surely I will try to write new blogs from over there, about the fashion technical situation and trends in the world’s most romantic city. But I don’t know how much time I can spend on the internet so we’ll see. Best wishes and my honeys? I already miss you!

The German Beauty

We have to admit it: there are not many German actors who are international famous. But that makes us just even more prouder that there still is someone we can honour: DIANE KRUGER. She was born on the 15th of July in 1976 in Algermissen near Hildesheim. After going to school in Germany for 10 years she left and finished her training at the Royal Ballet in London. She wanted to become a dancer but after an injury she swapped into the model subject. Already with 15 she was named “Face of the Year” by the model agency Elite. In Paris she worked in her new job and soon was interested in acting. She started taking acting lessons and played in smaller movie parts. Then, in 2004, she had her big breakthrough as the beautiful Helen in the movie “Troy” by Wolfgang Petersen. Here she played next to Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana. At the moment she again is playing in a big movie: “Inglourious Basterds” by Quentin Tarantino. About her privet life …

Why Ed Westwick is so damn hot

Well, I love Gossip Girl. I have to admit, my ladies, Vany, Sassi, Tara, had watched the series more early and were fans earlier than me. They all were enthusiastic about it and recommended it warmly to me. So I was overruled and borrowed the first 4 episodes from Vanessa. The first ten minutes passed – and I couldn’t stop. The series hit the nerve of time. Every character has his own specialty and makes the episodes distinctive. But my favorite person is- Chuck Bass. Ed Westwick is just one of the hottest guys. He’s the bad boy. The evil. The womanizer. And especially this makes him so buff. It’s not just his look, it’s his character and his attitude. His gaze, which seems to never let you look away again. His style, I’ve never seen a style so daring and at the same time so appealing. Apropos personality, the most important about Chuck Bass is his personal progress. Earlier in the season he was just the lady-killer, the boy no girl can ever trust …

Nicole Nodland

Some time ago I posted an article about the style of French woman. I used a few pictures from the photographer Nicole Nodland. I am totally in love with her shoots because every single has a special and very nice exposure to light. They always have a certain softness and warmness. Among other individual projects she works for very popular fashion magazines like “Instyle”.  

Le Chic Parisienne

French women have an extraordinary sense for style. The one we call ‘Le Chic Parisienne’, ‘Paris Style’ and ‘French Chic’. They have this certain sparkle, the flickering of elegance and classy chic. It’s just the right combination of sweet playfulness and seductive sexiness. Like a flower printed babydoll joined with black fish net stockings, a sharp blazer and patent leather high heels. And certainly with the most tempting and alluring underwear underneath… Those women adore Chanel, give Christian Louboutin the status of a god, are never over- and never underdressed. Enviable- and non- reversible.