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Le Chic Parisienne

French women have an extraordinary sense for style. The one we call ‘Le Chic Parisienne’, ‘Paris Style’ and ‘French Chic’.
They have this certain sparkle, the flickering of elegance and classy chic.
It’s just the right combination of sweet playfulness and seductive sexiness. Like a flower printed babydoll joined with black fish net stockings, a sharp blazer and patent leather high heels. And certainly with the most tempting and alluring underwear underneath…
Those women adore Chanel, give Christian Louboutin the status of a god, are never over- and never underdressed.
Enviable- and non- reversible.

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  1. Sassi sagt

    Me encanta la entrada!
    Lo has escrito y describido muy bien. Francesas van muy chulas. Pienso que son adorables.
    Besitos y abrazos.
    La Sassi 😉

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