Tag: August 31, 2009

Paris Paris

Hello Midnight Couture Readers! This is going to be my last post from Germany for a while. On Wednesday, I’m heading off to France. There I’m going to pass two months – it’s a school exchange. Luckily I found a host family who’s living very close to the actually greatest fashion capital. You know what I’m talking about? Guess? Yeah, right, it’s PARIS! I’m already a little sad I have to leave all my lovely friends, my dearest Vanessa, my family and Berlin behind me. But I’m sure this will be an exciting adventure and a big new experience! I want to sample the French way of life, the savoir vivre. Surely I will try to write new blogs from over there, about the fashion technical situation and trends in the world’s most romantic city. But I don’t know how much time I can spend on the internet so we’ll see. Best wishes and my honeys? I already miss you!