Monate: März 2010

Let The Sun Shine

Today Vanessa and I passed a wonderful day together! The sun was shining and we were in such a good mood sitting outside the Banzai for the first time this year and drinking a frappuchino. Springtime is such a great time in the year, slowly you notice that the days are getting warmer and warmer untill the summersun is finally arriving.

Pastel nail polish

This spring I have fallen in love with pastel colours in any variant. Most of all I adore pastel nail polish. I saw a few photos on the internet where girls have their nails that way. And it looks so fresh and spirng-fun-like. It is pretty hard finding full covering nail polish which also has the matt-finish. I bought a soft pink one today from Calvin Klein. It also has the perfect name for me: “207 tutu”. Though it is still not the one I have been looking for. So I checked pages on the internet and found some soft colours on Essie. Those are my three favorite ones. Of course they have many more on the webpage, actually I have read they have the biggest choice on pastel coloured nail polishes.

Chanel Tattoos

Tattoos on the Chanel fashion show catwalk. Fail or hottest new trend? I personally like tattoos, when they are small and for example on the wrist or near the ankle. This can be very sexy. Whereas big ones with skulls or snakes are absolutely not my taste. But as we can see in Chanel’s case: these are just painted on and for a fashionable purpose. all pictures from here

Balmain Fall 2010 RTW

The this seasons Balmain collection seems to be a mix of Rock’n’Roll and baroque style. Gold elements combined with leather and brocade. And after all you still find the typical Balmain look in the outfits. For example the military jackets are again in the collection but this time a bit more impressive and you get reminded of a modern Louis XV in female figure. Plus they kept the shoulder pads. This time Christophe Decarnin made a bigger mix between feminine pride and male power. Pictures via