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  1. loveeee the denim jacket!
    i'm still searching for the perfect one for myselfff.

    alsoo lovelyy blog!


  2. your outfit is great..
    just that classic combination of this white top and the black skirt broken with the jeans-jacket.

    love, sib

  3. wow you look so stylish! i love everything, esp. your denim jacket!
    nice blog too 😉

    kisses from Russia,

  4. ahhh, i have been spending WEEKS try to find a denim jacket! i have through so many outlets, i even was on ebay! but i cant find a classic one i am totally in love with. im still on the hunt, and seeing you post this made me want one even more!

    thanks for stopping by my blog! i am definitely following, cant wait for future posts!

    xoxo, rose.

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