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  1. I never found out why to buy just black normal heels by Louboutin.. If I had this money I would definitely buy some original and excentric pair.)

  2. About 11cm and I agree that it actually is a average hight. 15cm and up are a pain in the ass in my opinion. But yes, these shoes are not dance shoes for a night in the club.

  3. i love all of those pieces! But yeah, that pair of shoes is my favorite. I mean, look at the color. It's so cute

  4. Of course! If you're interested to have a drawing of you, It will be my pleasure to do it! 🙂
    I have few days off, so I could work on it as soon as you send me pictures! 🙂




  5. Anonymous sagt

    I guess martina is right,isnt she? There a also a lot of 'payable' Loubutins that are excentric,too.Bad choice,I think because I would buy classy black shoes at Chanel.Leave the special ones to louboutin and manolo..

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