Jahr: 2011

2011 Resumé

Today is New Year’s Eve- time to recall some memories from 2011 and draw a line. Happiest Days : our 18th birthdays   Most fun time: to be in the pink limo with all our close female friends and have a good time!    Blog Achievement: a new layout and web design + our very first own video called “summer time”   Best film: “No strings attached” as a romantic comedy and “Black Swan” as psycho thriller   Worst film: definitely “Immortals”   Pity: missing the Fashion Week in summer   Biggest fail: Christmas Show in Berlin’s Admiralspalast “Berlin erleuchtet”   Wise discovery: From nothing, nothing can come.  What we expect of 2012? 2012 will be a year of change. We all will finish school and have to make serious decisions how to continue our lives. Some have no plan at all and some have neatly put things in a row. We consider us to be in the middle of both sides. We will see what the year will bring for us- let’s celebrate first! …

Stay in shape over the holidays

Since going to dance class at least three times a week it is quite a shock to do nothing over the holidays. I guess some of you know what I’m talking about. Therefore I decided to make my own little training plan since I don’t want to abstain the sweet treats around Christmas. Eat what you like and when you like just work-out! I really can’t stand those people who sit around me and say “Oh I have to watch my wight” and “No, I can’t eat that now”. I say nothing about eating healthy, thats fine, but come on some chocolate or a piece of cake will not kill you. Besides that the body needs some sugar. So, actually it is rather simple: do something for your body everyday. I go for a mix of jogging (with stretching afterwards) and swimming since both are good for stamina and muscular strength. At home I do some sit-ups for the belly. Don’t over do it and have a good balance. What do you like to do? …

Christmas time in Dresden

If it comes to Christmas markets and getting into the mood for christmas there’s one place in Germany that is number one in that field: it’s Dresden. The city with its beautiful ancient buildings such as Semperoper and Zwinger. As a birthday present my friend gave to me a short-trip to Dresden- it was a wonderful day since in christmas time you have hardly enough time to spend a whole day with a good friend, just talk and stroll around all relaxed.

December is here

We are so sorry for the lack of outfit posts. We had our exams last month and were busy every weekend. Let’s see if we find some more time for us and the blog this month. We hope you had a great 1st of December till now and something nice in your Christmas Calender?! Have you already wrote your wish-list? Let us know what’s on it. Pants – Zara Belt – Liebeskind Bag – Longchamp Cap – Hugo Boss Blouse – H&M Scarf – Burberry Coat – H&M