Tag: Juni 17, 2011

Fashion Circus

At the moment I’m reading the book “Water for Elephants”- basically because I missed the film in cinema and wanted to know the story in any case. Until this point I’ve read half of it and really like Sara Gruen’s style. That’s why I searched for some circus shoots in Vogue. However the fashion business can be considered as the thrilling circus anyway.   Vogue feature “Water for  Elephants” Katy Perry for Elle Karen Ellen for Vogue

Santa Maria

  Gotan Project – Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)   When I looked at these pictures I somehow though about Tango. Such a sexy, passionate and strong dance! I would really love to learn it someday but only with the perfect partner at my side. Want to see a really good Tango? Watch the video after the klick