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Since we were asked if we have a special workout or training to keep in shape we decided to make a little “sport-loaded” post.
To be really honest with you we don’t have a special workout. Believe it or not but everything comes through our ballet lessons. People always think ballet is just jumping around in pink skirts but no, it’s not.
Every dance studio does a different ballet class. And since I have been seeing more than one I do know what I’m talking about.
The Royal Ballet system is totally different from what I’m doing now in the lessons.
How a normal ballet class looks in our studio?
We start off with swining to get the boy started. After that we do one of or routine dances which includes tap, charleston, jazz or a show dance (soon we will do Can-can). After that we do exercises for the muscular strength (sit-ups normal and side, push-ups, etc.).
Then we go to the ballet bar and do or normal work. Since we are already at a pretty high level we work there for about half an hour. So, till here already one whole hour is gone.
After the bar we hit the center and do some jumps, turns and adagios there (half an hour). And then the class is already finished.
Of course one class is not quite enough but it makes a good start. I go 3 to 4 times a week to keep up a certain level.
At home I try to keep up the sit-ups just in order to hold the strenght. And thats it! No big fitness sessions at home or something like that. We eat everything we like without thinking “Oh no, can I have that or not?!”. I guess when you start to control what you eat you can’t feel happy. Eat healthy and do a sport you like and everything is fine.

(picture via Dancers are the athletes of God)

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  1. yeag, that's a standard dancer's workout!

    During my whole dancing experience the worst thing was a floorbar. Have you ever tried it?


  2. Anonymous sagt

    I find it good to hear that you're not like one of these girls who always think about what they'll eat and how much they weight. 🙂
    Anyway, thanks for the post! xxx

  3. I always dream to dance the ballet. This is the perfect mix of beauty, grace, strenght and perseverance. But unfortunatly, I think I'm a bit to old to start! Well, your post is very interesting! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Ballet Dancers are extremely diciplined and work hard for their dream to come true. I do have great respect for their Enthusiasm. Perfect Body Control and elegance in their Movement … That's what I like. Thanks for sharin that ….

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