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Inspiration: Love waits


Really often we face the situation that music inspires us a lot. Not only one genre but a lot different once. And because of that certain pictures come up in your mind which reflect that song for you.
This time it turned out to be a song by Lovers Electric (also love “Beating Like A Dram”). As the song title says it “Love Waits” the pictures have a certain rosé/pink touch.
You will see a lot more inspiration posts like this one in the next days, weeks, months.

(pictures via tumblr and tumblr )

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  1. Anonymous sagt

    I'd really love to try that coffee!!
    Really nice pictures, too. Those rose colours can be so beautiful, especially the ones of a wild, natural Rose.

  2. Anonymous sagt

    ich hätte da mal eine Frage:
    wie macht ihr das mit der schmalen Musikleiste?
    Bei mir kann man das nur als Video einfügen und nicht als so einen Balken. :/
    Danke, schon im Voraus!

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