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10 facts of the moment

Nearly everyday something changes and we can’t put our whole lives into one post or even into 20 posts. But here are some facts which are (for a period of time) unavoidable

1. Next week we will start with our last year at school – 13 years of school will find an end.
2. We do not live together – maybe after school we move to Berlin and rent a flat together.
3. We met at ballet class about 5 year ago. But it feels like we have know each other for eternity.
4. It would be a dream come true if we can after school earn our living with our blog and really work for big companies who would dare to take a risk with us.
5. We just discovered our love for little movies and will do some more short clips with self-made videos.
6. We love our friends to bits!
7. Listen to your Mum – in most cases she is right.
8. We both have a driving licence which is the best thing you can have. If you have the chance, do it. It will be very helpful sooner or later.
9. We love reading English books.
10. “Big dreams, good music and expensive taste.”


(flower picture via tumblr)

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  1. nice things to share and love the flowers 🙂
    wanna check out mine and follow each other?

    sweet and sugars,

  2. loveee this <3 I really enjoy this and love the picture
    check out my blog and we can follow each other?

    sweet and sugars,

  3. Thank you ! Those pictures were takin in Bretagne, in the Northwest of France (The name of the town is Auray 🙂 )

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