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It’s time for change

We guess it is time for Berlin to set some trends. Since July 2007 we now have the Fashion Week in Berlin and every year it gets bigger and better. Nevertheless you do not see the runway shows and backstage reports on or for example.
Only e.g. is keen on sharing the latest looks and styles with us directly from the german capital. In this we can see that Berlin may has reached a respectable level but not the trend-setting-section. Which is rather disappointing since the fashion is actually really presentable. Designers such as Dawid Tomaszewski, Kilian Kerner and Strenesse show how good ‘Made in Germany’ can be. Sadly designers know that other cities bring them more opportunities and a certain publicity which makes them move the location of their shows. There are some labels which have reached international fame like Hugo Boss and Escada. But they already exist since a couple of years. What about the newcomers?
We think is is just the same way with Stockholm. Some (e.g. Acne) have a worldwide status others are so unknown. Yet they make great fashion in our opinion.
However while flicking through Vogue UK and Vogue US you only find reports about the four cities which developed many years ago: Paris, New York, Milan and London.
But isn’t the process of Berlin becoming a honorable fashion metropolis an interesting one? Big, hugh, enormous YES! It is great and it would be even greater to become a part of it someday. Berlin is young, fresh and vibrant. Now only the international magazines and fashion icons need to discover that. It would be a new step for Berlin and the people who stand behind it. It is nice that some see the potential just like Marc Jacobs.
Go Berlin and remain faithful to yourself!

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  1. Halo!
    Wie geht es?

    I believe it won't be too long before Berlin is recognized for its creative and fashionably oomph designers!

    By the way, loving the blog!

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