Monate: November 2011

5 Cities

Since we’re going to graduate next spring, many of us start to think about what they’re expecting of life. I think traveling is one of the most important things in life, to get to know various parts of the world and make new experiences. Here are our top 5 favorite cities we want to visit! Have you already visited one of them? Tell us about it!

Quartz #525

  Since longing for the new Chanel nail-polishes for such a long time before they were even on sale, my Mum managed to get me all three. I was actually surprised that Graphite was the one everybody seemed to want. My Mum got the last one in a big store in Berlin. And if you check through certain stores now, you can only find Quartz and Peridot in the shelves. By the way: I was at THE KOOKS concert last night and it was totally amazing. They played songs from their new album and that’s why I have added this song to this post. Just to get some memories back in my head.

Models Off Duty

  There are just some models who know how to look effortlessly gorgeous off the runway and out on the street. Here are some of our most loved looks worn by those beauitul girls. Heads up, these girls rock! Which is your favourite look? (1) Miranda Kerr, (2) Frida Gustavsson, (3) Cara Delevigne, (4) Ruby Aldridge

Autumn Outfits III

Now that Halloween week is over we can face daily life again. Here’s a new Autumn Outfit consisting of one of those leggings I told you about beforehand. Even though this Autumn starts getting seriously cold I also like the season because of its bright colors and light. Cardigan – H&M Leggings – H&M Shoes – Bianco Blouse – H&M Clutch – Liebeskind Berlin