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  1. Anonymous sagt

    Hi Jana!
    You are really really beautiful, such a cutie, but I am really sorry you and your friend have no style at all… Black and white and grey and brown and meant-to-be classy stuff which are always picked up in the most common shops and just turn out to be lifeless and personnality free. What the style in having a Longchamp bag and Wayfarer sunglasses and black leather boots and jeans, etc etc? Lucky you you are adorable! Anyway, just a little comment I assume you will consider a vain critic among others, I am not expecting to weigh with my opinion in whatever way 🙂
    Take care

  2. Really like your coat! I've been in Prague last summer and I absolutely loved it! The ride with a boat on the Vltava while having brunch on the roof is amazing especially in summer!


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