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Culture in Potsdam: Orangery Palace

You wouldn’t believe how fascinated I am by castles and palaces + the gardens and parkways which surround them. It is a sheer delight to experience this beauty. Luckily here in Potsdam and surrounding there are a lot of such places. I guess my to-do list has just grown a bit.

Dress and Scarf – H&M
Bag – River Island
Shoes – Salvatore Ferragamo

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  1. WOW I really love this outfit. The scarf is amazing! The bag as well!
    & I always love the great songs you post girls
    best wishes and keep going on

  2. sehr sehr schöne Bilder 🙂 und danke für euer Kommentar an Jessica Biel hab ich noch nie gedacht 😀 aber danke für das Kompliment 🙂

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