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London last month

Wolf Gang – The King And All Of His Men 

I was in London last month to visit a good friend of mine. 
The weather was crazy – really. It wasn’t warm, it was super hot!
However, this month the first Victoria’s Secret store opens in London. I need to get there back soon. But due to the Olympic games I think I will wait a bit before going back. Must be really insane there the next weeks!
All the best, 

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  1. I've never been in London yet, but I am going to go there next year. Super blog, join to this site, if you want, you can follow me. Kiss 😉

  2. I loooooove London so much! i lived there for a few years and miss it very much. but you're right, the next few weeks will be hectic. thanks for visiting. wish you all the best.

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