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Leather On White

Yesterday, we spent our afternoon in Berlin since we had a very special appointment. You will find out more about that, in two weeks time. Meanwhile, we experience the hottest day of the year in Berlin, time for ice-cream, sun-bathing and summer happiness!

The Interview Look – What you should keep in mind!
– Do wear something you feel comfortable in. Otherwise the person opposite you will see that right away
– Don’t overload your face with make-up. Just give it a little touch for brightness
– Always think about the location you are attending and what kind-off interview it is (get a little review about the newspaper or magazine or TV channel)
– Add a little colour. Too much will distract the interviewer or the person you want to interview
– Less is more (yes, we know, classic golden rule but still too many people don’t keep this in mind)

White Dress – Zara
Leather Jacket – Zara
Statement necklace – Mango
Heeled sandals – H&M
Sunglasses – RayBan

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  1. oh myyyy, i am completely obsessed with this look. the dress, the jacket, the necklace, and even down to the hair! gorgeous 🙂 thanks for your blog commet!

    Ginger @ Chic by Night

  2. Anonymous sagt

    Die Lederjacke ist echt superschön und ich überlege gerade, sie mir auch zu bestellen…Welche Größe hat deine, Jana?
    xx Hanna

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