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November Inspiration

Ultramarine, indigo blue, cobalt blue, azurite and many more. The list of blue colorant is long and has been traced back into the early ages of human history. Many people associate blue as the colour of distance and clarity. In the Catholic church for example the Virgin Mary has mostly been painted in a blue gown, the colour of purity (liturgical colours). Today we think of the International Klein Blue when we head down the art trail.

For November we thought blue would be just the right colour scale to play around with. It goes with black and grey perfectly but also a head-to-toe combination in one blue shade will be an eye-catcher for sure. We added to our to-buy-list a ultramarine cozy sweater, a navy lace dress, a feather skirt in indigo blue, the Chanel Blue Satin nail-polish and a azurite leather clutch.

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