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Today we would like to take a few minutes to spotlight a very important issue that is often wrongful hushed up. #someonelikeme is a world-wide campaign which came to life throughout a cooperation between the MTV staying alive foundation and Durex. The campaign is aimed at raising awareness for safer sex as well as encouraging a worldwide open discussion about the very same matter! Let’s talk about sex, baby!
It is of utmost importance not to keep dead quiet otherwise diseases like AIDS will never be tackled. So be smart, inform yourself, be open-minded for discussions, maybe share your experiences with #someonelikeme and be part of this movement!

For example by watching the campaign’s teaser or visiting its website.

We can already reveal that we have received invitations to the #someonelikeme campaign’s launching event which will be a simultaneous soiree in Berlin, Moscow, Mexico City, Bogota, Sydney, Singapore and Shanghai! We’re already excited for Saturday night so stay tuned on Instagram/ twitter for live-posting! We are looking forward to see you there!

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