Jahr: 2013

Chocolate Cornflakes Cookies

For these delicious chocolate cornflakes cookies (my absolut favorite) you need: 250g butter 2 eggs 180g sugar one pack of vanilla sugar 350g flour 5-6 cups of cornflakes 100g dark chocolate 1/2 pack of backing powder 125g raisins Preheat your oven to 180°C Crush the cornflakes and chop the chocolate into small crumbs (if you have a good mixer or mixing machine the cornflakes will break in the mixing process). First you mix butter, eggs, vanilla sugar and sugar together. In a separate bowl we combine the flour with the backing powder. Then add it to the butter etc. mixture. Now you need the chopped chocolate and the raisins, all in there. Last but not least add the cornflakes. Form small heaps on the metal sheet covered with baking paper. Bake about 15 to 20 minutes on the second rack at 180 degree (upper/lower heat). Check after 15 minutes, it all depends on how big your heaps are. We do rather little ones because you can get more out of the recipe in the end. …


Today we would like to take a few minutes to spotlight a very important issue that is often wrongful hushed up. #someonelikeme is a world-wide campaign which came to life throughout a cooperation between the MTV staying alive foundation and Durex. The campaign is aimed at raising awareness for safer sex as well as encouraging a worldwide open discussion about the very same matter! Let’s talk about sex, baby! It is of utmost importance not to keep dead quiet otherwise diseases like AIDS will never be tackled. So be smart, inform yourself, be open-minded for discussions, maybe share your experiences with #someonelikeme and be part of this movement! For example by watching the campaign’s teaser or visiting its website. We can already reveal that we have received invitations to the #someonelikeme campaign’s launching event which will be a simultaneous soiree in Berlin, Moscow, Mexico City, Bogota, Sydney, Singapore and Shanghai! We’re already excited for Saturday night so stay tuned on Instagram/ twitter for live-posting! We are looking forward to see you there!

MAC Cosmetics

Even though MAC always had some kind of fascination when I come to make-up, it took me until now to acquire some products myself. Past weekend I had an appointment at the store in order to find out colors which are suiting me best and to get a first insight to how correctly applying MAC make-up works. The good thing? I found a new hobby. The bad thing? I would need a MAC loan to cover the costs… Until then, I made a start with a basic eyeshadow palette in nude colors and a bright pink lipstick.

Street Lights City Nights

Bloggers from South Europe have an advantage here- right now we are really struggling with horrible weather conditions for our outfit posts. Fizzy rain, cold and grey days, no optimal light for shooting really… However, here is what we managed today! Sweater weather deluxe. Bag – Liebeskind absolutely cozy sweater – Hoxton Chic Leather jacket – Zara

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013

As already promoted in the last post here come the official pictures of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which once again was a huge spectacle. We couldn’t even tell which theme was our favorite. British Invasion and Parisian Nights were definitely one of the best. But also the Snow Angels for the big final looked amazing. Watch the whole show on the 10th of December on CBS.

Cheers! Be Merry!

In the post before this one we have showed you some inspirations for a Birthday decoration or also usable for any other party you want to throw. Here however comes the table and house decoration of Jana’s birthday bash. If you want to have a special event make sure you keep an eye on the details because those certainly stay in mind afterwards. It’s always a good idea to stick to a colour or different shade of the same colour. When you have decided on that one you need to check some of your favorite decor or living stores or online shops for matching pieces. Don’t over do it! If you have some highlights it’s good but you don’t need a whole bunch of them.

It’s a November day

The November weather has hit us right-away. It’s grey and rainy outside but luckily not that cold yet. If you still want to challenge your beloved leather jacket make sure to wear a cozy sweater underneath (nothing scratchy, you will go crazy over the day otherwise). Besides that add a thick scarf and a cute hat (also pay attention to the fabric which has been used). Don’t forget your umbrella when you go out. Rain isn’t that good for leather jackets! At this time of the year, when the weather allows it, taking a stroll through the countryside is a sheer delight. The leaves are so colorful and the air somehow feels fresher than during the other seasons. It dose have something purifying. Boots – BCBG Max Azria Leather jacket – Set Hat – Seeberger  Heart necklace – Tiffany & Co.