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Shakespeare. Romeo & Juliet

Probably the most famous love story of all time – Romeo & Juliet. We remember when we had to read the script in school, write an essay about it and even play some parts of it. Ever since we loved this play and the plot. Some years ago we performed it on stage as a crossover project, a mix of modern dance, hip hop, breakdance and ballet. But back then we were little girls, 15 maybe.
Now the studio we train with is getting back to it and we are really looking forward to it. Somehow everyone is so excited about it and you can really feel that everyone is so willing to work hard for it. Because it was so much fun 5 years ago, it’s such a honor to be a part of it again.

This however lead us to this inspiration post (sorry for so many mood boards at the moment but those projects really take up a lot of time). Somehow Romeo and Juliet is much more than only this dying love. Friendship, battles, a big party, beauty and imperfection come along as well as hatred, jealousy and infinity. Some people may think “Gosh, you just dance this role on stage” but there is much more behind it. When it comes down to dance a role it’s important to read the plot or script. To get to know the person you will be on stage. Besides the hard physical work it’s also a mental challenge.

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