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February Inspiration

Then, when the child of morning, rosy-fingered dawn appeared…
The Odyssey, Book XII

Since we didn’t have much time to create new posts and snap some pictures outside, we have decided to make this months inspiration post a longer one. More pictures, more fun and with that the full flooding of fluffy rosé/pinkish pictures.

On the 14th of February it’s Valentines Day (like every year ha). And with that we somehow like to give this month the pastel + bright pink seal. We don’t celebrate this day in a huge way but it also is a nice occasion to give winter a kick in the ass and get the colours out. Yes, spring seems still some days, weeks away but why not get the right feeling for it anyway?

We are not talking about this girly, childish pink. The colour has become more sophisticated over the past years and really is a perfect match with black or grey pieces. During the Renaissance pink was used to show flesh colour of faces and hands. In the Rococo Period it became THE colour because pastels became fashionable in all courts all over Europe. Today we mainly associate pink with sweet treats and candy.

We have chosen this song because we have the highest of respect for their performance at the Grammy’s 2014. Well done for raising your voice!

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