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The Office Style Guide

Office Style is a often discussed and handled widely different topic. That is why we want
to share our thoughts on this matter with you.
Right now, I am working on a new project in a Berlin based agency. What I can say for
this business area is that a strict dress code is completely outdated.
Basically, everyone wears what they feel comfortable in. Nevertheless, I personally
don’t like work outfits that are too casual. That is why this is my golden rule: At any
point, you should be ready to face a potential client in your work outfit and feel
good about it.
In my opinion, your clothes can not only influence your appearance but also the impact
you have on others. It is simply a way of being polite to wear appropriate clothing to
business meetings and work in general.
Besides, your clothes can underline your strongpoints, help you to face tense situations
and overall influence the way you are viewed by your business partners and colleagues.
If you have a lack of experience and may come across a little young for the position you
are applying for, why not wear sophisticated clothing and make a strong appearance.
If others view you as a little too predominant, you can wear more casual clothes to show
you ability to be a good team player.
Of course, how you dress will probably not influence your business performance but it
can certainly boost your self confidence and help you to get across the right demeanor.
Grey Watch – Skagen Denmark
Grey Slippers – Zign
White Backpack – Matt&Nat
Nude Pumps – Topshop
Black Booties – Topshop
Trenchcoat – Dorothy Perkins
Grey Shirt – New Look
Jeans – Boss Orange
Grey Pants – New Look
Blouse – Ralph Lauren

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