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Personal Issue: Why do we always judge each other?

Lately, I couldn’t help but think a lot about “judging” and how it affects our lives in general. I understand, that judging means to formulate an opinion about a person, often without knowing them better or being present at the circumstances. For some reason, judging others is a sport among women, especially when Instagram is involved. Profiles are checked out, opinions are formed – a picture that is a little bit too revealing or make-up that is applied is a little bit too much, will be topic of talk in minutes!

But why are we so pre-occupied with others? And why do we think, that our interpretation is always right? Honestly, I think judging others should not even be a thing. We should all keep in mind, that people are flawed (we all are) and everyone has the right to live and present themselves on Social Media in the way they want.

However, when people are presenting themselves on Social Media this way, shouldn’t we also be allowed to form opinions and talk about it? Of course. But what we shouldn’t forget in the process, is that those people are human beings, that the circumstances may be different than we imagine and that lastly, we should focus more on our own lives than judging others.

We should rather focus on working on our image, how we come across to people and also, how we want to be perceived by others. And maybe, from time to time, we should keep in mind that Social Media does not reveal the whole story and people may be more fragile than they let show.

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  1. Gesa Raue sagt

    Rather than taking care how we judge people (we may not even know) on social media, we should be keeping in mind how quick we are to judge people we see any other day. Of course this is also part of getting to know someone in the first place – you can hardly go through life not thinking anything at all about the persons around you – but ask yourself: how often do you actually put down a friend or acquaintance to be this or that from nothing more than a few impressions?
    Very often, these impressions are very little more than photographs themselves: they only show one side of a person, and we tend to forget there might be more, as well as feelings and reasons we do not and may never know a thing about if we don’t honestly try to get to know a person.
    How often does it happen that we, too, say something or act in a certain way and feel silly afterwards because we think people, friends even, will think the worse of us for it? It happens to all of us, since none of us are picture perfect (even if we’d sometimes like to make believe).
    So there’s that. Judging people doesn’t lead us anywhere except into the blind alley it necessarily turns our minds into. More than that, we’re hardly ever in a position to judge. What we can do is form opinions about people we’d sincerely like to know better. And about anybody who happens to come our way. It’s a good exercise.

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