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I lost my Heart in Venice


Last Saturday was quite productive – we met with lovely Juliane from Headspace PR Hamburg in Café 1900 for some coffee and blog talk. Juliane was revealing, that we were part of their most recent issue of the Sermo Influencer Index, which is basically a huge network of international bloggers all around the world. Thank you again for the Ranking – we’re flattered!

Later that day, we took some new street style photos with my new army green jacket that I got as a between-seasons-jacket! After some photos, we headed to another café and discussed our upcoming cooperation – we can tell you that much: it will be about beauty and solving a problem every girl has!

Jacket – Review
Jeans – Mango
Pullover – H&M
Bag – Uterque
Sneakers – Adidas

Shopping in Berlin: Schee

I love to discover new little boutiques and shops in my neighborhood. One store that I recently stumbled across is Schee, located in Bleibtreustraße. So we went to check it out last weekend.

The store is a lovely mix of interior and decoration accessories, cards and books, prints and textiles. In my opinion one of the addresses to go for when you’re searching for a present for a friend or family member! We really liked how elaborate and carefully selected the selection of items was – every piece was special!

They also have another store in Berlin located at Rosenthaler Straße (close to the underground station Rosenthaler Platz, Mitte). We definitely want to visit that one too.

Bleibtreustr. 48
10623 Berlin

Personal Issue: About dating and body-shaming

You probably ask yourself how these two topics, dating and body-shaming, can become the content of one combined post. But sadly I had to experience they can.

A few weeks ago I was sitting backstage with some dear, female colleagues and we were chatting like we always do when we get back together after some time. It’s always fun and every girls topic you can imagine comes to discussion here. Last time we once again came to the topic of dating and what we all have experienced lately. One of my colleagues told us about her last Tinder date and this is the base of this post.

She met this guy at a café and they chatted about a few topics. It still was a cold day in Berlin and she had her scarf laying on her lap. Not as a blanket, just as a bundle of fabric.
After some time she went to the toilet and as she returned, she once again placed the scarf on her lap. The guy noticed it and, hold your breath, said to her: „I have already saw but you don’t have to hide. I actually like when women are voluminous.“

This really hit all of us out of the blue. Without noticing he criticized her body on being curvy and directly assumed she would have a problem with that. In what kind of world are we living? You go on a first date and the guy, without knowing you, thinks he is in the position to make remarks about your body?

In the society we live in today we are confronted with „flawless bodies“ (no one is perfect and in our opinion no one should be perfect.) everyday and especially women „like“ to compare themselves to those girls on screen and in magazines. This has nothing to do with „liking“ this kind of habit but somehow it became a natural thing.

Start asking yourself: what is perfect/flawless? And who the hell stands above everyone to decide what these words mean and especially how these words should visually look like? Body shaming is more present than ever and not only do we ourselves stress everyday with the staying-fit-and-healthy-topic, now also some random guy thinks he can judge our appearance. And this is just wrong and heart-breaking. We should start to respect ourselves so we can respect others. We should feel blessed with what we have and don’t just see the problems concerning our bodies and our lives.

Spring Trend Watch II

Embroided Jeans
They’re everywhere – whether Zara, Mango, H&M or the high-class gucci version: Embroided jeans are the new cool. I remember when I was a child and my mom patched up my jeans (which were dirty and had holes in them from playing outside) with some colorful flowers, mickey mouses… Now, jeans are more colorful than ever and that’s definitely a trend we’re in love with!

Off-Shoulder tops, dresses and blouses just give a certain lightness to every outfit – therefore they have become absolute it-pieces for the summer. I like that they embrace shoulders and neckline for a change instead of cleavage – and that makes them not less sexy!

Chokers always had something sexual and wicked about them but now they’re celebrating a comeback. Day and night – they can be combined with everyday outfits and simple t-shirts as well as sexy evening dresses.

Happy Easter!

The long Easter weekend is here and we are indulging in some free time and good chocolate eggs. How will you spend Easter Sunday? We will have a lovely lunch containing grilled salmon and green asparagus. And in the afternoon we will hit a theater production and in the evening meet our friends for a good dancing session at the local club.

It maybe not the traditional Easter Sunday with the whole family and a good brunch or dinner but it dose not matter how you celebrate those festive days as long as you are happy with the events/gatherings you pick. During the last couple of days we were often asked why don’t we celebrate Easter with our family but it’s simply a huge logistical effort since they are all over Germany. Therefore its really nice to just gather people around you who you love and who give you a good feeling, no matter if its Easter, Christmas or any other day,

We hope you all have some lovely plans and wish you H A P P Y E A S T E R !!

Embroidered Jeans

The long Easter weekend lays ahead of us and we do hope for some better weather than the forecast gives us. We haven’t planed much and will rather try to regain some strength and relax with our families.

Next week university starts again and I’m not so motivated but hope the excitement will kick in as soon as I meet my fellow students. After such a long university-free-time it can be a real pain to go back and study. The past weeks haven’t been easy and I was researching and writing two essays. I didn’t go on holiday and the next weeks will be filled with new lectures and rehearsals for our up-coming ballet.

Jacket – Zara
Shirt – Zara
Jeans – Zara (surrten collection)
Shoes – Stan Smith Adidas sneakers

Coffee in Berlin: earlybean

Last week we tried this coffee spot called earlybean, located in Berlin Charlottenburg at the Meyerinckplatz. It’s a small café severing freshly brewed coffee and small dishes such as salmon bagels and yoghurt with granola. The atmosphere is cozy and you can easily sit here for one or two hours.

Besides the hot beverages, you can also indulge in one of their freshly made smoothies. We haven’t tried those yet because it was just too cold that morning but are happy to come back and give them a shot.

Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆
free Wifi available

Clausewitzstraße 9
10629 Berlin

What To Wear to this location

Personal Issue: About dream roles, hard work and sacrifice

I think I was around fifteen/sixteen years old when I first realized how madly in love I am with dancing. Some people think this has always been the case when they meet me today. But to be honest: dancing before that was not my favorite kind-off sport (today I wouldn’t even call it sport anymore, I like to consider it a form of art).

At the age of three my Mum took me to ballet class. Well, a dance class where you spin around a little, jump and just have fun. Because of my Dads work we moved places quite often and in every new city I would face a new dance studio, new people, new boundaries. Besides dancing I have always been very active and tried many different sports such as swimming, football, horse riding, badminton, athletics etc. and I was good in all of those fields. I just basically knew what type of sport fits me and my needs. I was horrible at volleyball in school and therefore I would never have taken that sport as a hobby. Eventually all sports came and went but dancing always stayed with me.

When my parents and I moved back from England to Germany I wanted to quit dancing because I thought athletics was my type of sport. Of course this was also the age when dancing wasn’t considered „hip“ and I thought it would be the right time to move on.. and especially away from ballet (the dance style I feel most home with today).

My Mum dragged me to the local dance studio and made a three month contract. My Mum said „Three months. You will try this for three months and if you don’t want to stick with it after this time its okay. But you need so try.“ I took my first class and never left the studio again. My Mum simply knew me better and I still owe here a lot today.
At that age I didn’t know how far this all would take me and I certainly didn’t see myself teaching younger girls and dancing the lead roles on stage. But thats what just happened. Well, not just. It took me years of hard work, bleeding feet and commitment to actually come to the point I am now. And also sacrificing a lot on the way.

With 15 I had the chance to be a part in a production of Romeo and Juliet, a crossover project with dance and normal school students. We mixed ballet, hip hop, breakdance and acrobatic elements in the choreographies. Back then I was dancing a police guard who protected the city of Verona. I always loved being a part of this production and hoped to be able to someday dance one of Juliet’s friends and most of all I wanted to dance Juliet. Sadly the production was just set-up for two seasons and I wasn’t old enough to even come close to those roles.

Years passed and other productions came and went. But Romeo and Juliet always sticked to my heart. And then, at the age of 21 I was offered the role of Juliet. Of course this didn’t just happen out of the blue. I worked my ass off the years after the first production. I have been training everyday since and missed quite a few birthday parties, weekend trips and so on. Back then I never knew if Romeo and Juliet would return. This time the production was performed at two different locations and I had the chance to finally dance the role I always dreamed of. But the pressure was on. My body was aching and I cried more than once. But in the end all the hard work payed-off.

Today, when looking back at what I did and what I haven’t done, I would certainly not change a thing. I think a lot of my friends struggled with me because I was so busy with all the training and the rehearsals. And also the different working hours I had and still have. I even think my first longterm relationship failed because of my desire to become the best dancer I could be. I felt pretty lonely on the way sometimes and think I did push everything, my body, my emotions and the feelings of my friends to the limit. Being older and wiser (yes, I think after 21 years of dancing I can use this term) I want to encourage young girls out there to not give up when there is something you really want to achieve. Of course nothing comes easy and certainly there are losses on the way. But I can already say: I didn’t regret anything I have done. And I’m still not even close to where I want to be as a dancer and as a person. But I hope I will be able to find it someday.

Metallic Stripes

That’s what my basic everyday outfits look like – my favorite jeans (which is mostly the same brand to be honest – they just fit like a glove!), a black shirt, my new leather jacket, that I already love, and the most comfy sneakers! We’re aware that Adidas superstars and stan smiths are everywhere right now but as soon as I wore them, I knew why! They fit casually to every outfit and are super comfortable.

Leather Jacket – Mango
Black T-shirt – H&M
Jeans – Noisy May
Sneakers – Adidas 

Tel Aviv Travel Diary

Israel has so far been one of the most interesting travels of my life – we went first to Jerusalem for 2 days and afterwards to Tel Aviv for 3. I can surely say, that I’ve learned a lot about religion and culture within these 5 days. Whereas the old city Jerusalem is a place of religion and also a kind of strictness that comes with it, Tel Aviv is the complete opposite. The city is vivid, pulsing, multicultural, laid-back and manifold.

To me, it was most impressive to experience the food culture in Tel Aviv – you’ll get to a house that seems as if it could collapse every second but on the ground floor there is the most amazing restaurant, with industrial style light bulbs, a sleek interior design and delicious food and wines! That, is basically the normal thing to happen. I was completely surprised by the quality of Israeli food and the attitude to life of its inhabitants.

Another important aspect is the proximity to water – it is a bliss to walk down the beach of Tel Aviv to the old city of Jaffa and feel the ocean breeze. Jaffa is also a complete contrast to the modern Tel Aviv – the old city is basically a huge flea market, where you can stroll around the whole day and discover furniture, lamps, clothing, decoration and much more!

When in Tel Aviv, you should not miss the Bauhaus architecture that you can experience everywhere in the city. Generally, the whole cityscape is completely diverse, what makes it so interesting.

Altogether, I can only highly recommend traveling to these beautiful places – I can assure you, that you’ll see, discover and learn a lot!