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Personal Issue: What makes Christmas so special to me?

It’s the season to be jolly and bright. Nevertheless I have been thinking about these festive days and what makes them so special to me. Because way to often we forget how special these days are and why we actually like to celebrate them.

Christmas is a Christian feast on which they celebrate the birth of Jesus on the 25th of December. On the evening of the 24th the people start to celebrate with dinners, worship services and exchanging gifts. It’s a tradition which has become far more commercial and is not only celebrated by Christians anymore.

I for myself have no religion. My parents have been baptized as Christian and evangelist but decided to let us decide for ourselves if we want to enter a church or follow a certain confession. I never felt really secure with either of them which is why I decided not to be baptized. But this is another topic I don’t want to illustrate now.

My dad worked for the German military and we had to move cities quite often. Back when my parents were just married and lived in the USA, far away from their families in Germany, they were invited to celebrate Christmas with another family. And happily excepted the invitation. I guess, this is something my Mum has always valued and passed on to me: the door to our house is always open for our friends and we are happy to take those in who need a place to stay.

The past few years it was always just my Mum, one of my brothers and me on Christmas eve. But this year is a little different and makes it even more special. The parents of a close friend of mine are away during the holidays and without hesitating I invited her over to celebrate Christmas with us. Not even having asked my Mum or my brother because I knew I didn’t have to. Of course they were totally fine with it.

Just a week ago my Mum was having dinner with an elderly couple who live two houses away from us. Their only daughter is celebrating Christmas in Sweden with her boyfriend and the two of them are alone on Christmas Eve. My Mum invited them over for dinner tonight and they said yes.

Since years I didn’t have the experience of celebrating Christmas in a bigger group of people but now, just because we are happy to have friends around us, our holidays are a whole lot different from the last ones. And guess what? I’m so looking forward to this celebration tonight. All of us have a different age and a different life experience but we will have a whole lot of fun I believe.

So, what makes Christmas so special to me? Exactly these moments. Inviting a whole bunch of close friends to join the family to celebrate. To get together no matter if we are relatives or friends and be happy and joyful together. Because, after all, this is what makes these holidays so special: everyone coming together to spend time together.

We therefore wish you a very Merry Christmas and some precious days with family and friends!

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The pictures were taken during the Blogger Xmas workshop by COTY in Berlin this week Monday.

Blogger Xmas Photoshoot

Working with the squad from COTY is just always a joy. The last two years we have been a part of this amazing team (find a list with at the end of this post with the past events) and just loved all their events, surprises and cooperation offers. So, before telling you a little more about yesterdays event, I would like to take the chance and say thank you!

The last two years the Christmas events have been held in Hamburg, which always brought me back to this lovely town. A town I somehow call home too since my Mum was born here. However this time they chose Berlin as their city, which also made me really happy and excited.

Yesterday a bunch of bloggers and influencers headed to Delight Rental Studios in Berlin in order to spend a fun day together. The theme of this years event was “GOLD” and the main part was a photoshoot with tow different styles, in two different settings.

My first look for the Bruno Banani section was the white, short sequin dress you can spot in one of these pictures. Next to me in that picture you can see the lovely Silky from Sedoso. This photoshoot was a fully body shot and I was happy to twirl around in-between those huge golden flowers.
For my second look I had to change into something more dramatic. The theme: becoming a bond girl. This time they focused on portraits and I had a lot of fun with those curls and the dark lipstick. It’s something I never wear but sometimes it’s nice to change into a little vamp (instantly had a 70s party chick / 20s actresses vibe).

Besides the great sets and they stunning styling we were spoiled with some delicious food and drinks – as always! Even the pulled goos burger was dusted with edible gold – they really took the theme to a next level.

Once again it was a lovely day with all those interesting talks and activities. And I truly can’t wait to see the official pictures of the photoshoot. As soon as I get them I will share another post with you.
Thank you to the whole COTY and  Headspace PR team for letting us feel like little stars and, which is why I love these events the most, for getting us into the Christmas mood!

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Lacoste Blogger Workshop 2015

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Lunch in Potsdam: Restaurant Urwaldblick

Since the 1st of December we have a new lunch spot in Potsdam. The Biosphäre Potsdam, whom we have already worked together for a C&A collaboration, is now offering a new lunch menu served at their Restaurant Urwaldblick. The benefits of this? You can now also enjoy a delicious dish here without having to buy a day ticket for the whole complex. Meaning, you can just come and enjoy a good lunch.

The restaurant serves international and seasonal dishes, which can be enjoyed under the palms trees of the venue. The restaurant is located on the second floor of the tropical complex and offers an in- and outdoor terrace plus an air-conditioned indoor area.

Luckily we had the chance to try their new concept and menu on the opening day. They offer a weekly changing lunch menu as well as a fixed one. On that day we all went for something from their lunch menu and were really happy with the outcome. Along the main dish we had a seasonal soup. I tried the halloumi bagel burger but in the pictures you can also see one of the noodle dishes and a salmon meal with cauliflower and yam mash.

If you are looking for an unusual dining location in Potsdam; this is it. The food was really good and the atmosphere cozy. I would warmly recommended it to a group of three to five people because it’s so nice to sit there and chat along as we did the other day.

Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆

 Restaurant Urwaldblick
@Biosphäre Potsdam
Georg-Hermann-Allee 99
14469 Potsdam

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December Inspiration

Christmas is coming closer and our schedules just seem to overflow with appointments. Here a Christmas party, there a brunch with friends and then another work deadline. When the year is coming to an end, we are just overloaded with things. Buying presents and setting up the holiday plan has to be squeezed in between all those dates.

Nevertheless we want to share our December inspiration with you. Even though the month is already running to its fullest. White combined with silver or gold details are really high on our list. Letting it be our decoration at home or what we wear to the appreciate occasion.

Even the Christmas wrapping can get a little glittery touch. Just because it looks more exquisit and wrapping presents in such delicate paper makes everything more bright.

Breakfast in Leipzig: Café Luise

During my short trip to Leipzig we had breakfast at Café Luise, a spacious spot offering breakfast, lunch, cake and dinner. You see, an all-rounder.

We came here on a Saturday morning and had made a reservation beforehand since we were seven people in total and it wouldn’t have been easy to get a table for that amount of people. If you just want to drop in alone or with a friend you shouldn’t have a problem to get a table with a little wait. It wasn’t full that morning.

All of us ordered different dishes. I wasn’t that hungry and decided to just go for some scrambled eggs and a roll. Others decided to try the English breakfast, pancakes or a Swedish breakfast mainly serving fish.

Since I jus opt for this simple dish I can’t give you such a detailed insight to their breakfast. It was good but not overwhelming. The other dishes looked good but nothing we haven’t seen already. I somehow missed the little twist and felt everything was a little “dusty”. The food composition as well as the interior. Maybe their weekly changing lunch menu is more worth a try than their breakfast.

Nevertheless the Café is located in the heart of Leipzig and easy to reach, which makes it a good spot to quickly drop into.

Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆

Café Luise
Bosestr. 4
04109 Leipzig

Personal Issue: About being a university student and why it doesn’t fulfill me

Today I want to open up to you about a topic which has been on my mind for quite some time. And yes, the title already spoils it all.

In 2012 I started to study Art History and Theatre science at the Freie Universität Berlin. Directly after finishing school I became a university student. My start wasn’t that great since just five days after the semester officially started I lost my father (you can read about this here).

But maybe I have to go back a little further so you can understand why I started studying these topics. During my last school year I decided that I would like to become a dancer and go to a school where I could be trained professionally. Due to all my studying for the final school exams I didn’t have enough time to train as you need to in order to get a spot at those institutions. Which is why I decided I would train for one year everyday and apply for the dancer program during the next year. But, as I always want to have something up one’s sleeve, I figured it would be good to start studying something “normal” besides training. Also because I think it is good to challenge our brains with academical knowledge. Just in order to keep going and learn.

Since I didn’t really think that I would finish those studies at all, I picked courses I felt the most attracted to. Not those where you would earn the most money with in the end. As my father died though, I decided to stay in Potsdam to be there for my Mum and to heal my broken heart. I was simply not able to leave out of shock, grief and love. I became addicted to training still but throw my dream to become a dancer away.

After my first year I changed my second course from Theatre Science to History, which is why I had to study one year longer in order to get all my credits. I probably could have finished by BA studies more quickly but I kept dancing and working at the studio as my first priority. But studying never fulfilled me. Which is also probably why I didn’t see the need to rush through it. In 2016 I finished by BA thesis and it was a hard decision for me to consider a Master study.

Luckily the Freie Universität offers a Master program called Dance Science. During my one year theatre studies I already knew about this program. And since it was my biggest dream to still have something with dance in my CV, I decided I would give this a chance. So, directly after finishing my BA I took up my MA.

I want to be honest with you, I like the studies and the fields we examine. But I’m simply not a scholar and I never want to become one. The professors way to often think that everyone will start working scientifically and become a PhD student after finishing the Master thesis. Which simply isn’t the case and I really beg all those professors out there to accept this.

So, why am I still studying? Actually being a student offers a lot of advantages and it is nice to still feel a little light-hearted at some point. But since a few months I have shifted my priorities and studying has become not one of them anymore. I will finish my MA but I will take the time I need and just give the time I have spare to take courses. I still love challenging my brain and learn new things about the field of dance. And, all the people I have met during my studies have become dear friends to me. I think they are my greatest accomplishment during my studies (which is why I decided to use images from those people as the header of this post; they truly shaped me).

Picking up new projects and put them into practice really fulfills me. I totally love working practical and sometimes feel that a dual training would have been more my cup of tea. But I was scared to leave the academical path. Until now. Now I’m more mature and grown-up about this topic and how I feel about it. And I can easily tell everyone that studying is not my priority, never has been and never will be.

It simply isn’t everything to become a student no matter what people tell you. It is important to follow something you really want and not keep back with it like I did for far too long. Of course I’m more than happy that I have this BA graduation now. And yes, it is good to learn and we can’t just go out there and believe that we can change something without getting our butts up. But we don’t need unhappy doctors, teachers, scholars and so on. Just don’t lie to yourself because you think the title will bring you the most money in the end.

I believe, if your are not happy in your work field, you won’t be able to do a good job. I think we work more efficient and hard if we can identify with what we do. Of course, this is a dream set-up. But how can we get there, if we don’t start to be honest with ourselves?

You probably ask yourself now: why didn’t she go for her dream of becoming a dancer? A good question I’m only able to answer since a year and a half. It took me quite some time to let go of this dream but today, I’m really happy that I didn’t go this way. Studying has also changed my point of view and I feel very lucky for everything that has happened. Even the worst situations showed new things to me and I know, that just dancing wouldn’t make me happy either.

And, after all, I didn’t lose during my studies. I gained new knowledge and the most amazing bunch of friends. Thank you for being there for me and being the most amazing people around!

Staying in Leipzig: Downtown Apartments Leipzig

When traveling to different cities we have experienced that renting an apartment can be a quite good alternativ to a normal hotel. Which is why there have been plopping up so many new renting concepts around various cities.

About a week and a half ago, a friend and I took the chance and headed to Leipzig. All planed as a surprise for another friend who just finished her final university examination in order to become a dentist. We wanted to surprise her and come to her graduation ball without letting her know.

A few weeks before we browsed through the internet and my friend spotted the apartments called Downton Apartments Leipzig. The pictures got us instantly and we made a reservation with Rebekka, the owner of the apartments. Our first call was easy-going and she already seemed to be a welcoming person.

The day we arrived, Rebekka was there to welcome us and give us an exclusive insight to the apartment complex. It was so nice to meet her in person and get to know the details of the project and see how passionate she feels about all the apartments.

Each apartment provides a small kitchen and a bath. The room sizes vary and offer space for one to five people (you can check on their website which apartment offers the right amount of space you are looking for). Also, each apartment is equipped with a personal piece from Rebekka’s own home and therefore makes the rooms even more personal.

If you are looking for a central sleeping place in Leipzig, I can highly recommend the Downtown Apartments Leipzig. We could easily walk into town, the rooms are well isolated and falling asleep was no problem (even with a much frequented street infant of the house). It was an absolute pleasure to stay here and we would always come back.

For more pictures check their Facebook page.

In cooperation with Downtown Apartments Leipzig

November Inspiration

Time is running fast and Christmas is coming closer and closer and closer. We somehow already like wearing red colored pieces and therefore our this months inspiration is focusing on this color. In light or dark, red offers a great spectrum of shades and is a perfect eye-catcher for any occasion.

Cozy knits and velvet pumps are very high on our wishlist since you can easily bring them along to any December event. Let it be a Christmas brunch with friends or your annual office Xmas party.

Personal Issue: Why Dogs are really better than Humans

I‘ve always been a dog lover, my whole childhood I wanted to have a furry friend and they day my parents got a golden retriever was probably one of the happiest in my life. But why are people so fond of dogs anyway?

Now, that I’m living in the centre of Berlin, I can understand that some people don’t like dogs. When they’re ill-bred and do what they want, people are scared or annoyed rather than pleased by them. Nevertheless, there is so much that humans don’t see and with that, so many issues that we create with wrong body language or handling of dogs.

Through my mom, who is an even bigger dog lover than I am and has educated herself a lot when it comes to dog education, I learned that dogs don’t like it when you lean over them, that you should always keep 5 core orders that a dog knows and that they calm dog when you touch their chests. There are million more interesting tricks and hacks, also specific for different races. So many people select their dogs because of their looks rather than their characters or fit to the person’s lifestyle!

Altogether, I think a dog is the best friend one can have. They are always loyal, they love you no matter what and most importantly, they mirror your behavior. A dog is pure therapy.
Nevertheless, we should not only see dogs as companions but as characters, who need to be guided and protected by us.