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Breakfast in Potsdam: BioBackHaus

Sometimes you just need a quick breakfast spot in town where you can enjoy a good coffee and some on-the-go snacks.

The BioBackHaus ist located in the center of Potsdam, really close to the Dutch Quarter (a sight-seeing sensation in Potsdam). Back when we went to school, we quite often dropped by and got a bread roll or a piece of cake here since it was just around the corner from our main building.

They serve bio products produced in Berlin and Brandenburg. Mainly they have focused on baked goods but for their breakfast offer they also have yogurt with fruits, scrambled eggs and cold cuts. The buns, bread slices and cake pieces are really delicious and also perfect to take-away. Of course the price range is a little higher than at a normal bakery but sometimes you can afford to get something here.

Come here early in the morning on a sunny day and enjoy your coffee outside, sun-bathing including.

Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆
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Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 87
14467 Potsdam

What To Wear to this location
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Dinner in Potsdam: Mea Culpa

I can easily add Mea Culpa to one of my most favourite places I have ever been to. The restaurant is located in the heart of Potsdam, right on a street corner. They serve delicious Spanish food, especially their tapas are worth a visit.

You can choose between cold and warm served tapas. I highly recommend to share them so you can order a variety of tapas. One pot is filled pretty well, perfect for sharing, and most of them include garlic. So, make sure you all have some and your appointments afterwards aren’t coming too close.

Besides their delicious food you should definitely try their mint rosé spritzer. It’s super refreshing and gives the whole setting an extra holiday-feeling.

Make sure to reserve a table before dropping by. They are highly requested and most evenings fully booked. Then you also need to wait a little until your food is ready.
Advice for spontaneous visits? Go there either for lunch or during the early afternoon, then the chances are higher to get a table without a reservation.

Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆

Mea Culpa
Dortustraße 1
14467 Potsdam

What To Wear to this location
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August Inspiration

August, a month in which we still hope to enjoy some sunny days and mild nights. We like to head out and meet some friends at the local bistro or bar, enjoy a slice of pizza or sip on a cold beer. We can still easily forget our daily obligations and hope to gain strength for the up-coming colder and especially darker months.

Our wardrobe is therefore still filled with summery pieces e.g. white dresses, fancy sandals, cute necklaces and pastel colored cross-body bags. Our sunglasses are inspired from old, glamours Hollywood divas and the lengths of our dresses reach from sexy short to bohemian maxi chic.

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The Statement Jacket

A classical, well suited jacket can turn any outfit into a sensation. This summer we both had fun in trying out some more daring ones in order to give our everyday looks a little twist.

This red jacket by Mango (currently on SALE – be quick!) is a perfect day and night piece. With jeans and a shirt you can work it during the day, even at the office, and with a cute dress plus some fancy heels it makes the perfect match for a night out.

At the end of this post we have put together a little overview with some fancy, statement jackets which you can happily add to your shopping list.

Jeans – Zara (on Sale!)
Jacket – Mango (on Sale!)
Little bag – Furla (on Sale!)
Shirt – H&M
Flat shoes – H&M

Pink jacket from Topshop (similar here) / Green fake-leather jacket from Mango / Jeans jacket from Topshop / Pastel green XIAN blazer from Mango / Light jacket from Hallhuber

Personal Issue: About confidence and self-doubt

You probably ask yourself how the terms confidence and self-doubt fit into one post but I promise you: they can.

Through out the last few months I have been working on the ballet production of my dance school which is always fun but also very stressful. One week before the premiere takes place, we bring everything on stage and rehearse for long hours in order to deliver a marvelous performance. I always become very excited when this week arrives since its the moment I love the most; the moment when we go on stage for the first time and feel the rush of adrenaline running through my body.

Nevertheless it is also the moment I feel the most vulnerable, I have to figure out if everything I have plotted together in my mind comes together and if I can fill this huge space with, well, just my facial expression and the choreography my body fulfills. The stage therefore has become a place of confidence and self-doubt for me.

I feel the pressure, resting on my shoulders. I want to do my best and I want to give the people, coming to see the performance, a good show. Something to remember. „To be inspired is great, but to inspire is an honor.“ (by Stacey H. Hunt) has become my guiding quote when doubt overcomes me. I want to inspire the audience and those who dance along on stage with me, especially those little ones who are the next in line.

But this does not come out of the blue, you don’t just have confidence. It is something you build up over time and with new situations there comes more confidence. First of all I think confidence starts with excepting yourself. Excepting who you are and what you are capable of. And if you want to reach further you need to work harder and sacrifice more.

Connected to confidence is self-doubt in my opinion. Nevertheless how confident and mature I feel there is always a little dash of self-doubt. Am I heading the right direction? Can I transport the right emotions? Am I good enough? Do I have the power to get through this? I guess many people think that I just go on stage and everything is sorted out but thats truly not the case. Establishing the character of a role I dance takes time and sometimes I even find new feelings and motivations during a performance, long after the rehearsal process has come to an end.

Going on stage never makes me nervous. I don’t mind if there are two, four hundred or one thousand people watching me dance. I’m just really happy and grateful before I go on stage. People always ask me „Arne’t you nervous before a performance?“ and I can honestly answer „no“. People always say its good to be a little nervous but I really don’t have this situation anymore. Anymore meaning, this hasn’t always been the case.

I still remember the first time I was able to dance the lead role of our annual summer production. I was quiet on the outside but in the inside I was really nervous. But I also remember the first step on stage. It felt wobbly, my legs were trembling a little (not visible but it felt that way). But right after the first few turns and jumps all those nervous symptoms were gone and I just enjoyed and lived the moment.

And with that I decided to never become nervous again just because it takes away too much energy and everything I want to feel instead is excitement and joy.

Coming back to the topic of confidence and self-doubt. I think through every performance I have done so far, my confidence has grown and when you go on stage you have to present a certain confidence since the audience expects you to. And you have a responsibility when you go on stage and want to entertain. The responsibility for everyone taking part in the show and delivering a great performance.

And along with confidence I feel that I also need to experience self-doubt and never think that I’m perfect and that I have achieved everything I wanted to. That will never be the case since dancing always takes discipline and a lot of hard work. Especially dancers never feel that they can stop learning, you can always do more turns or jump higher. There are no limits.

I want to encourage all those young girls and maybe even boys out there to find something for yourself where you can build confidence and feel constantly challenged. Because coming to a halt will not bring you further.

Beauty Issue: Hypoallergenic Cosmetics

Since I was small, my skin has been quite sensitive. I struggled with finding the right make-up, that suited my skin and I didn’t react to. That’s why in general I’ve always been attentive when it comes to buying make-up as well as skin care. Just in time for #sensitiveskinweek, we had the chance to check out some of Bell’s hypoallergenic products, which are especially made for tender skin. They products come in beautiful colors and make your skin feel soft but strong, when you wear them. Additionally, we can say that the price is more than fair.

We opted for the primer, which is a light make-up base – especially good for the warmer days and makes sure that your light make-up stays perfect during the day. Apart from that, the long & volume mascara can be used for a more extravagant look – preferably during warm summer nights! Lastly, the lipstick has a smooth consistency, making your lips feel moist and soft throughout the day – we chose a light pink that goes well with a flattery mini dress!

You can find the products here.

Personal Issue: When do we ever give ourselves a break?

The title of this weeks personal issue post captures it all pretty well. And just by writing this article, late at night on a Sunday evening, the question seems more current than ever.

Lately I have been working for more than one project, the biggest one being our annual summer ballet which has my schedule fully under control. Plus university, another dance project and our blog. I may not work full-time in a firm but the hours I work cover more than a forty hour week. Free weekends? A real rarity lately. And yes, you may think „Why is she doing all this? Is it really necessary?“

And guess what: I constantly ask these questions myself. People think that everything comes easy and that the things I do are my own choice. And your right, everything I do and work for is completely done with passion and love. I easily sacrifice weekends and train or work long hours in the evening, even though my day was busy already. But still: when do we ever give ourselves a break? When do I give myself a break?

Taking time off is something I really have to learn and I think I have become a little better lately. I certainly would call myself a workaholic and yes, I’m fine with that. But I can also feel that times are changing, I’m getting older and you start to think about your future. Sounds super strange at the age of 24 but thats how it is. Especially as a woman you feel the pressure is on. When do you want to start working full-time? How long will you study? When will you have your first child? And of course you still need to find the right partner to actually become a mother and build a family (there is this German comedian who in a short video entry explains how women have to be today – absolutely worth watching. Click here to see the clip).
I really want to be a mother someday and actually before turning 30. This maybe all sounds strange and it certainly feels strange to write about this but thats how I feel and how I see my future future.

And this all leads me to another question: can we actually give ourselves a break? Time seems to run so fast and we still have so much to do and to see, that it seems difficult to take some time off. But what happens if we don’t?

I think it’s inevitable. We have to give ourselves a break. And yes, I’m pretty bad at this myself but I don’t want to give up my private life, I don’t want to spend hours over hours working. I feel privileged that everything I’m currently working on is filled with my love and passion but in order to maintain this ability I need to recover from time to time. But I would certainly say that I have not found the right way to do this.

What can actually really give me the feeling of taking a break? Switching off all electronic devises? Don’t train for a month? Get a different routine? No work on the weekends? Booking a weekend-get-away? I’m not sure but I already know that I don’t have to leave town to get a break. Potsdam is absolutely beautiful and during the summer season it’s a true sensation to lay by the lake or enjoy a drink at the local student bar.

Moments with friends and loved ones certainly give me the feeling of leaving my daily work routine and help me to relaxe. And I think that really often those little intimate moments are the ones I can enjoy the most. What helps you to take a break? I’m curious to know because maybe we can all learn from each other.

June’s Favorites

Our this months beauty favorites are…

    1. Velvet Touch Mascara by Artdeco
      I was talking to a good friend at the ballet studio the other day and told her that I was looking for a good, not too expensive mascara. I have been using one by Artdeco already but she recommended me this one and so far I really like it. Easy to apply and a beautiful design. Thanks for sharing, Saskia.
    2. Balm-to-oil by Biotherm
      I normally wear make-up really rarely. Sometimes all I need is a swish of mascara and thats it. But during the summer season I have to apply a lot of make up because of my performances on stage. Any make-up remover has been really disappointing so far but this creamy substance has helped me to get ride of all that foundation and eyeshadow plastered on my face.
    3. Water, mint and cucumber deodorant by CD
      I spotted this deodorant in my Mums bathroom and have instantly fallen in love with the fresh, summerly smell. It really helps you to get through a few hours (24h is a little too ambitious though).

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Touch of Pink

It’s one week left until the Moët Party Day – we’re counting! However, this weekend is going to be less glamorous… We will both be working on Saturday and hopefully enjoy the sun on Sunday a little.

About this look: the dress is my new favorite summer dress, the kind that you will throw over in seconds as soon as the sun comes out and instantly feel good in! I combined it with my small everyday-bag and some summer sandals.

Dress – Mango
Bag – Furla
Shoes – Zara

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Blue skies smiling at me

Snapping these pictures wasn’t easy actually. It was raining the whole day and we tried to catch a weather gap. The weather God wasn’t on our side which is why we headed to the beautiful New Palace and used those beautiful arcades as our backdrop.

Even though the weather wasn’t summerly at all, I couldn’t resists on wearing this beautiful light blue skirt from Zara. I already bought it some weeks ago and was desperately waiting to wear it. I really love the shape of the skirt which is why I also got it in black the other day.

Shirt – Zara
Skirt – Zara
Trenchcoat – Burberry
Shoes – Adidas
Sunglasses – Ray Ban

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