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Personal Issue: About feeling helpless

From time to time we all feel a little vulnerable and helpless. Some of us more often than others but mostly we can recover and build new strength. But we all probably know what its like to feel helpless. And I not only mean feeling helpless for ourselves but especially for others. So, I came to ask the question: why do we sometimes feel so helpless? What are these situations and is it possible to overcome them?

I never thought that I would be picking up this kind off topic in a blog post but lately I figured it would be a good platform to talk about it. In my environment I have discovered a high rate of people facing eating disorders. I think this stems from the fact that I constantly work with girls from the age 13 to 18 and I have watched some of them grow up. From being a kid to becoming a teenager, struggling with various life issues. We have all been through this age or a currently still facing the last years of it. Some get through it easily and some are overstrained with the situation. And yes, puberty is a horrible time.

My puberty was pretty easy I would guess. When I ask my Mum today she says there were no extremes. Of course we had our fights, which we still have sometimes today. And the question of “How long can I go out tonight?” was of course a normal one during this time. But there are also other people, facing major problems and fighting self-doubt, depression, body problems, doubt and uncertainty. And those, who I talked to, never want to go back to the age of 15/16.

And for myself, I also never want to be 16 or even 19 again. Not because I didn’t like the time, it was still a great time with amazing friends; school was annoying everyone but we had a good time going to cafés, the lake and home parties. But today I feel so much comfortable and much more satisfied with me. I like the fact that time has shaped my self-confidence and expended my horizon.

And you actually start to think that you don’t have to feel helpless anymore. But than there are these situations that are just uncontrollable. Which is the case when it comes to friends and  problems that are not solvable instantly.

So, why am I opening up about eating disorders? First of all: I’m not facing any eating disorder problems myself. Of course I try to eat healthy and don’t overdose certain products but if I want to eat something special, I will eat it. If you came here to read about my possible health problems, than I have to disappoint you. This entry is about how I came across this topic and why I just felt so helpless when this situation popped up in my life.

During school I knew two girls who were facing problems with eating. Back then we were little informed about the whole topic. In our LER class (a class focusing on life, ethic and religion) we had a small segment informing us about various eating disorders. But, who really thinks about this topic more closely when being in school and fighting your own puberty problems? I never talked to these two girls and today I feel absolutely devastated that I didn’t do it.

Lately, eating disorders have appeared more often in my surrounding and therefore I figured that its time to learn more about it in order to take action according to the problem. But where do you start?

I tried to look up locations in Potsdam where you could actually go to and be directly informed about the topic. I feel that there is a flood of information on the internet but reading it all dose’t help me. I want to learn more about those eating disorders, what are possible triggers, how do I bring up the topic when I feel that someone is struggling an eating disorder and what should I actually give her or him as an advice? Questions over questions and somehow dissatisfying answers.

My next step took me to the library. As a student I luckily am able to lend books from all the university libraries and have discovered some books worth reading. Of course there are various books and I just couldn’t look up all of them but a handful already gives a good insight to the topic. Furthermore you can find good articles on the internet by using the Google Scholar search.

So, after being helpless in this situation (a few times actually) I decided to change this fact and get informed, take action and don’t just let the person alone with the problem. Of course we always have to face situations were we are helpless but if we have been in such a state once, we want to overcome it and never go back to it. I saw too many girls already suffering eating disorders and I can’t stand there anymore, letting this all just happen. We all can’t just be or become therapists but we can try to be more aware of certain topics.
I won’t be able to change anything directly and easily but at least I have decided to try and be a possible contact person.

Female Future Force

Last week Thursday we had the chance to attend the Female Future Force event hosted by the magazine Edition F. The theme of the event was “Life-Changing-Moments” and five women were invited as speakers throughout the evening.

The location of the event was the STATION at Luckenwalder Str., in the heart of Berlin. We got there a little after half past 8 and a big queue had already formed in front of the main entrance.  The the big space inside was needed: around 800 people, mainly women, attended the event on this evening. The first hour before the speakers took the stage was a little hectic and crazy.

Rosen Garden Berlin was responsible for the catering on this evening and did a great job with their team. We enjoyed some delicious creams with fresh bread, Mexican wraps, shrimps and dumplings as well as fresh fruits and banana bread.

The drinks were supplied by Russian Standard, Weingut Diehl and Vöslauer. We especially fell in love with the rosé wine by Weingut Diehl but also Russian Standard offered some delicious cocktails.

After the first big rush everyone settled around the little stage, where the presentation were taking place. The introduction was a little long in our opinion because the most interesting part were the presentations of the five women, especially invited for this evening. Those were Anita Tillmann, Kübra Gümüşay, Milena Glimbovski, Laura Seiler and Jenna Behrends.


Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Exhibition

Louis Vuitton is a company with a far-reaching tradition and history. That is why the Time Capsule Exhibition in Berlin is thematizing LV’s heritage in a modern way and looks back at the 160 years history of the company.

The exhibition takes place at the Französisches Palais Unter den Linden. You’ll be guided through an spacecraft like interior, in which a path leads you from the beginnings of the wardrobe trunk to the different designer collaborations LV fostered throughout the years. If you still want to visit the exhibition you got be quick, its ending on the 8th of October.

Französisches Palais
Unter den Linden 40
10117 Berlin


October Inspiration

Autumn is one of the seasons we really love. The light (when the weather allows it) is so magical when the sun goes down, the leaves are beautifully colored and cuddling up on the sofa becomes casual. Oh and don’t forget the hot chocolate here. Plus, Halloween is coming our way. Excitement level? High!

And we guess no other month than October represents autumn so accurate. We therefore have put together a little inspiration post for you, featuring our favorite pieces and states for this month. The weather is changing daily, the spices of our food gets a make-over (craving for that pumpkin-ginger soup) and our wardrobe becomes more comfortable.

Long Time No See

It’s been quite a while since we managed to take some streetstyle photos together. So last night, we took the opportunity when Vanessa picked me up from work for a girls night! We first headed for the Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Exhibition at Unter den Linden, before making our way to the Edition F Female Future Event later that night.

The outfit is already pretty autumn-like, since weather leaves us no choice at the moment. Summer has gone by so quickly! Right now, I’m really into comfy boots and office blouses. Any suggestions where to find nice ones online?

Coat – Zara
Blouse – Zara
Jeans – Noisy May
Boots – Clarks

Wild Garden

Who hasn’t been in this situation yet? There are some people in life who are really special to us and who have been through various ups and downs with us. Friends who are so special that we can’t live without them and need their guidance in every situation. Letting this be a normal one like choosing the right pair of jeans or taking care of our broken heart. A best friend is a person in your life who just excepts you the way you are and never lets you down.

And than, there comes this situation when you urgently feel the need to thank this person. And this, is really important! Even though the other person dosen’t expects to get a thank you, it is necessary to do it anyway.

The team behind Wild Garden has therefore come up with an idea to say thank you to your bestie. They have created a fragrance line consisting three different kinds off scents. This gives you a good variety to choose from. The three are: Pretty&Wild, Sweet&Naughty and Pure&Fabulous (which you can see in these pictures).

The cute design of the packaging just makes the perfect gift appearance and is a good alternativ to some real flowers.

Along with the Eau de Parfum you can also buy a body lotion, some body mist and a candle for each scent. Either you just go for one piece or buy the whole set for your best friend (who is totally worth the whole set in our opinion).

In Germany you can buy the products at the local drugstore DM.

In cooperation with Wild Garden


Coffee in Potsdam: Kellermann

Since a long time I was craving for a cute coffee spot in Babelsberg, the area I spend quite a lot of time since the studio in try with is located here. There are many bakeries around but they don’t serve delicious coffee.

Close to the subway station there used to be this super tiny coffee store where only two people would fit in to order their beverage. But it was worth the wait since the coffee was super delicious here. And then, someday, it was closed. I was really devastated since I just loved to grab a coffee to go here.

A few weeks later a bigger café opened a few meters away and I instantly recognized that it was the same owner. They enlarged their business and now have a big café. This made me super happy and of course I wanted to share the new Kellermann with you.

Besides some delicious coffee you can enjoy some fresh baked cakes, sandwiches, frozen yogurt and ice pops. They also offer fresh soups and quiche during lunch.

During our rehearsal season I just loved to come here with my dance college, grab a coffee and walk to the studio. It just gave me the right amount of strength to get through those hard trainings hours.

Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆

Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 32
14482 Potsdam

Oktoberfest Special

On Saturday it’s that time of the year again. The world’s biggest Volksfest will open it’s gates in Munich. Hello, Wiesn – hello, Oktoberfest!

Since 1810 these festivities are annually held in Munich but since a few years this tradition has also swept over to other areas. Also in Berlin and Potsdam are many events taking place in the next few weeks under the theme “Oktoberfest”.

Jana traditionally heads to the Oktoberfest hosted by the Café am Neuen See, which took place the past weekend. Here she has collected some impressions for you to get you in the mood.

Here’s her impression of the past event:

“I love CANS WIESN at Café am Neuen See. Firstly, my boyfriend is the host of the event and secondly, all my friends are there! Oktoberfest in Munich might be the original, but surely the atmosphere and spirits are at least the same in our Oktoberfest tent! We all love to dance the night away to the classic Wiesn Hits and just have fun. I can only recommend to go with a big group and gather all your friends for the event.”

Of course a very important part is the outfit choice. During a short trip to Munich I tried a Dirndl for the first time. As a kid I had worn some because my Dad used to work in Bavaria. But since then I haven’t worn one. So, it was time to give it a try.

My best friend is a huge Wiesn fan and therefore knew where we had to go and which size I should try. I knew that the Dirndl should be light blue or red. In the end I didn’t buy one there but checked through the internet when I came home and ordered two pieces on Zalando.

In the end I went for one from the brand Krüger Dirndl. You can see it in the header image of this post as well as in the second combination we have put together for you. I absolutely love it. I totally forgot how lovely those Dirndls look and I can’t wait to wear it to some up-coming events.

We hope you are maybe also keen on visiting an Oktoberfest event. We have put together a list of events taking place in Potsdam during the next weeks. When one of these seems interesting to you, just click below the picture on the three links we have shared with you. Maybe we will see some of your there!

Himmelreich Oktoberfest Caputh / Spowi Wies’nPotsdamer Oktoberfest

How to wear a Trenchcoat

The Trenchcoat has probably easily became one of our favorite fashion pieces ever. Always looking timeless and chic, you can wear this piece to any occasion.

Today we would like to share some various outfit combinations with you. The trenchcoat Jana is wearing, is from the label Club Monaco and she got it two years ago during our time in New York. It was love on first sight and since then has been a loyal partner.

When buying a trench, you really got to watch the length of it. There are so many different lengths and not every length suits every body typ. And who wants to look lost in their trench? No one!

So, when you go out and want to buy one, make sure the store offers various lengths. Or you head to different stores. Try a long, middle length and short one in order to see which suits you the best.

Next step: color. Of course beige is the classic color for a trench and when you want to invest a little more, we would always recommend you to buy one in beige. But of course there are many different colors popping up when looking for a trench and why not go for a oxblood, light blue or grey one sometime.

Above we have chosen three different coats, all to be found on Zalando

When you have found the right trenchcoat you need to decide on how to wear it. This coat is a real investment and a true statement piece. And it makes the perfect season-transition coat. Still a little chilly during those first spring days and already breezy winds when autumn is coming? You will love your trench during these days.

Above we have put together two ways on wearing the trench. During spring you can already dare to wear some sandals but keep your legs covered to avoid that chilly feeling. When autumn comes along opt for some cute booties, a jeans and a pretty blouse. Our go for a cozy knit piece in oxblood or rosé.

In the end make sure to add some cute accessories to your outfit combination. Let it be a pastel colored cross-body or shoulder bag. Or a patterned scarf.

Always keep in mind that a trenchcoat is already a statement piece itself, often you don’t need that much to underline your outfit combination when wearing one.

Outdoor in Munich: Eisbach

Before I knew anything else about what to see in Munich I had the Eisbach on top of my list. You probably think “Why is a little stream so interesting?”

Well, since I’m a huge sport enthusiast I know about the Eisbach surfers and really wanted to see them live. Just past the bridge near the Haus der Kunst, the river forms a standing wave about 1 metre high. This makes the perfect surfing wave and therefore attracts quite a few of them. However it is also a really dangerous spot and only experienced surfers should take a ride here.

We headed there directly on the first day we arrived since the weather was fantastic and there would actually be some surfers around to watch. When we got there the place was packed with people who also admired the guys on their boards. I could have stayed for ages and just watch them. Now I want to learn surfing even more desperately.