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Classy Breakfast on a Rainy Morning

Looking still a bit tired but happy – the other day we went to Benedict for breakfast and it was awesome. We sipped on peach mimosas, had some vegan cashew yoghurt with granola, of course the most delicious pancakes and some bread with spreads. Afterwards, we tried to snap some outfit pictures for you despite the heavy rain.

Today the sun is shining again and we wish you a super great start into the weekend!

Coat – Cortefiel
Pants – Noisy May
Sweater – Zara
Boots – Gabor
Scarf – Zara
Bag – Zara

March Inspiration


It’s already March – time flies – and we’re in a pinkish, energetic mood. We already cherish every sun beam we catch and can’t wait until warmer temperatures are arriving… Apart from that, we (as always) have our hands full with blog work – we’ve some cool #berlinguide locations coming up as well as some cool outfit posts. What are your plans for spring time? Do you have any goals in mind?

February’s Favorites

It’s time for another update on our three favorite beauty products of February.

  1. Detox Mask Tonerde Absolue by L’oréal
    The new detox masks by L’oréal have been advertised largely. Nevertheless,
    I have to say that they convinced me. I try to use the mask once a week (on Sundays there is always some beauty time!) and I can feel an effect. My skin feels clearer and more balanced.
  2. Perfect Match Highlighter by L’oréal 
    When I was on a girl’s weekend in Palma de Mallorca this year, a friend of mine introduced me to the perks of highlighter. I’m not that much of a make-up girl in terms of concealer, foundation or rouge (I always try to let my skin breathe as much as possible!) but I couldn’t argue that a little sparkle on the cheek bone adds to a more fresh and beautiful face, instantly.
  3. Lacoste pour Elle Magnetique Eau de Parfum 
    I’ve been in love with the Lacoste scents since we’ve been to the Lacoste perfume event in Frankfurt two years ago. For some reason, Lacoste always seems to find a scent that I like instantly. I like to apply Elle Magnetique when I go out for dinner or drinks, it might be a bit heavy for a day perfume but it’s perfect for the night!

Cauliflower Mushroom Ragout with Saffron

Today we would like to share a new vegan and gluten free recipe with you. Its super delicious and healthy at the same time.

What you need:

500g cauliflower
160g champignons
160g mushrooms
160g carrots
80g diced onions
1,5 tbs cornmeal
500ml vegetable broth
2 tbs sunflower seeds
125ml vegan cream
125ml soy yogurt
knife point of saffron
1 tbs parsley
salt, pepper

„Wash the cauliflower roses and blanch them in bubbling salt water. Chill with cold water afterwards. Clean and quarter the champignons and mushrooms. Peel the carrots and cut into slices.

Roast the diced onions with olive oil in a big pan (all ingredients will end up in this one pan). Add the sunflower seeds and roast them, too. Dust with cornmeal and add cold vegetable broth. Then add the vegan cream and bring to boil.

Really gentle roast the champignons, mushrooms and carrots in olive oil, then add these to the sauce. Now add the cauliflower roses to the sauce. In the next step add parsley, saffron and soy yogurt, season with salt and pepper as desired. Bring everything to boil and serve in a deep dish.“
– Volle Kanne (find the German description here)

Light Blue

While taking these pictures we were once again reminded that we live in a city where rain is inevitable. So we headed to Walter-Benjamin-Platz, a square named after the philosopher Walter Benjamin. The adjoining Leibniz colonnades offer the right protection for some outfit snaps (and yes, we have taken here some pictures before. Take a look here and here).

The light blue jacket is from the current Zara collection and also available in a light pink pastel shade. A friend of mine wore it and I instantly fell in love with it. So, as soon as I got home I ordered it online and got it delivered a few days later. I actually didn’t think of really buying it in the end but somehow it was just too gorgeous to send back.

Jacket – Zara (I’m wearing XS)
Oversized shirt – Gina Tricot
Lace bra – H&M
Nacklace – H&M
Black skinny pants – Mavi
Boots – Zara

Brunch in Berlin: Rose Garden

Newest addition to the Berlin brunch scene and personal project: Rose Garden.
Rose Garden is a deli & concept store situated directly at Torstraße / Alte Schönhauser Straße.

The deli offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and since a couple of weeks also dinner (we will give you another insight on that one too). It’s the perfect place to hangout with friends, your loved one or study for up-coming university exams.

Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆

Rose Garden
Torstraße / Alt Schönhauser Straße
10119 Berlin

What To Wear to this location

Almost Home

Its still cold outside in Berlin so there is no other option than to cuddle-up and work on your layering skills. Taking these pictures took us maybe five minutes but the street corner was so freezing because of the wind breaking. We were so happy it didn’t take us long.

The new week is again filled with quite a few appointments and university (yeah – but its the last week!). Time to make some coffee dates with friends and catch-up on the past couple of weeks.

Coat – Boss Orange
Bonnet – Seeberger
Scarf – Zara
Handbag – Cortefiel
Boots – Softclox

Coffee in Berlin: Doppio Pazzo

Do you know this feeling when you walk through your neighborhood and spot something new that seems worth a visit? This just happened to us when we spotted Doppio Pazzo, a small café serving delicious coffee and various cakes, pastries, salads and breakfast treats.

The clean interior kept in black, white and grey radiates a calm atmosphere and you can easily stay here for one or two hours. The coffee was served quickly, hot and had a delicious flavor (they seem to use a good type of bean). The coffee is a bit more expensive, soy and almond milk cost extra but its worth the price.

We had the chance to try their overnight oats which are which are gluten- and sugar free. You can enjoy this healthy snack there or as take-away.

Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆

Doppio Pazzo
Leonhardtstrasse 2
14057 Berlin

What To Wear to this location

Home Workout Equipment

Some of you may already know that I’m a workout lover and therefore I considered it would be nice to give you a little overview on my equipment I use at home. Starting from left to right

  • resistance band (red)
    I use this one mainly to do some feet exercise to strengthen my feet. Especially after my foot surgery was this my best workout-buddy
  • Gaynor Minden Flexibility band (pink)
    It’s always important to stretch and in order to get more flexible I use this flexibility band to increase my side splits as well as working on my arabesque and á la second extensions (dance lovers will know what I’m talking about)
  • light hand weights (pink)
    I got these from my Mum and try to do little exercise with them mainly in combination with sitting on the stability ball or lying in a bridge position. I don’t want too muscly arms which is why I always stretch after using them and try to do various workout routines
  • Foam roller
    With the foam roller I want to release muscle tightness by rolling-out my whole body. It can be quite painful at the beginning but its worth the pain. Your muscles feel relaxed and its a good adjustment to the normal stretching routine
  • Yoga mat 
    Says it all I guess. Either I do some simple yoga moves or all my other exercise on the mat for a stable positioning
  • Stability ball
    With this I do basically all my strengthening, stability workout. After my surgery I had to go back a few steps but still wanted to maintain my strength. So I startet working out with the ball and loved it since then. There are so many various exercise to do with it – never gets boring
  • Slides (not in the picture)
    Also for a total body workout I like to use my slides. Core, legs, back, arms – everything can be toned with the slides.

Coconut Chia Snack

Here comes another delicious breakfast and on-the-go inspiration for you. This time it’s from the book Good to Glow by Tali Shine and Steph Adams. Make sure to prepare this one night in advance.

What you need:

400ml coconut milk
20ml agave syrup
60g white chia seeds (I used black seeds)
500g coconut yogurt (it also works with plain yogurt)
granola, seeds and fruits for garnishing

„Combine coconut milk, agave syrup and chia seeds in a bowl and store in the fridge for two hours.

Add the coconut yogurt and let it in the fridge over night.

Put mixture (as much as desvered) into a small bowl and add granola, other seeds and berries of your choice.“
– Good to Glow, p. 75