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Shopping in Berlin: Bellwinkel

In the heart of Güntzelkiez in Wilmersdorf, we found this small and cozy shop called „Bellwinkel“. The store offers a wide variety of small things, that make your life more beautiful – interesting cookbooks, colorful spoons, cooking equipment, candles, teas, chocolates, spices, nice dishes… The particular: all goods are neatly arranged by colors.

During lunchtime, Bellwinkel provides a new lunch menu every day. Apart from that, they also do catering. Altogether, Bellwinkel is the right address for gifts, if you need a certain oriental spice for a new recipe or if you’re just in the mood for strolling…

Güntzelstraße 46
10717 Berlin

What To Wear to this location

Personal Issue: About the long-distance-relationship-trend

A few weeks ago I stumbled across this article about relationships. In this they wrote that more than half of all Germans have lived in a long-distance relationship during the last year. Surprising? Not really. Many of my friends have been in this position and I can also give a deep insight on this topic. But is this really a new trend? An old, and yet still unfamiliar, form of relationship?

My long-distance relationship lasted 3 years. Before we entered this statues we have been together for not quite a year.
When you finish school, life stretches ahead of you and there are so many possibilities. And I actually love to encourage anyone to follow his or her dreams and give it a shot, no matter how far it is away. I’m a strong believer that, if the feelings are strong enough, it will be okay to go through such a period of time. Therefore I would never ask someone to not leave if they truly want it and on the other side I would never like my partner to keep me back. My inside may scream „Stay! Please stay!“ but I would actually keep that back, just because I don’t want anyone to give up on something for me.

At the beginning I actually thought this would be the perfect form of relationship for me. During the week I was so busy with training and university, that a boyfriend wouldn’t be easy to squeeze in. You seem much more freer because you don’t have to find free spots in your full Monday to Friday schedule. And when the weekend comes you have plenty of time together…

Wrong. It took me quite some time to realize how hard this form of relationship actually is. Planing and organizing are typical parts of living a long-distance relationship. Which weekend will we see each other again? Where are we going to meet? What are we going to do? Oh it’s the birthday of a close friend, I have to stay in town.

What we don’t realize at first: both are setting up a new life in the place they live or keep their life they have been living so far. Two worlds, two different lives have to be shared in some short but intense moments. Normally only on weekends. And basically never alone really. You simply can’t just give up the environment you live in and you all probably know that our weekends are simply not two blank days in the calendar. They are packed with appointments and as soon as you start working regularly, weekends will be your only free days. Are our schedules not made for long-distance relationships anymore? Or let’s ask it this way: are we even made for long-distance relationships?

I really can’t answer these questions even though I have been living this form of relationship. I think everyone has to find the right way of building and keeping a relationship. Everyone is different and people have easily stayed together over a certain amount of time living apart from each other. Nevertheless we have to decide for ourselves if this is keeping us up or pulling us down. And I still think it’s possible to have a good long-distance relationship and everyone who is in this position: you have my highest amount of respect for fighting for it. But I don’t want to go back to this position. And I can tell you why.

First: I have experienced that I love being spontaneous, I love to hang out with my friends, meet for dinner in town or go swimming by the lake. My daily life is so structured by training, rehearsals and university that I love to keep some things spontaneous. And I know that eventually someday this will end because of work and family. A boy- or girlfriend in the same town makes this just so much easier. You can quickly meet and spontaneously do something together.

Secondly being apart for sometime, just two weeks maybe, separate you emotionally more than the distance measured in kilometers. When you meet again you feel this has to be perfect, you are under pressure because you only have the few hours and those have to be phenomenal. This is never going to work. As soon as you are triggering your emotions and feelings, you are losing it. I always figured this was just my impression but after talking to many who have been running or still are in a long-distance relationship they confirm my thoughts.

And then there are moments in life you just need someone to be by your side. Someone who takes your hand, puts his or her arm around you and makes you feel good even though the situation isn’t good. Simply by being there and not having to drive hundreds of kilometers to do this. There are people who don’t have a problem with this and thats good, too. Because of course we can’t all find true love in the same spot we live in. In the end we have to be happy with the relationship we are in and as long as both fight for it, there is a chance on making it.

Furla Acero

Newest addition to my wardrobe… After wanting a chic, simple and elegant clutch that can go with every outfit, I finally decided to get a Furla Metropolis bag. It’s beige, to be more specific the color is „acero“ with some light golden details. The inside is crafted with soft, beige suede and some rivets are supporting the bag from underneath. Dear Furla Metropolis, I love your simple and chic design, that you go with every outfit and I am already looking forward to spending the summer with you!

Ballet Nails with NeoNail

For us, neat and nice nails should just be a standard in every woman’s beauty routine. However, we all know, that’s easier said than done!

Especially as a dancer, nails have to endure a lot: some choreographies include dancing on the ground, rolling over, steadying oneself on one arm… Additionally, in Ballet, it’s normally not allowed to wear apparent nail colors like red or dark colors, because as a dancer you are playing a role and the wrong nail polish can destroy a whole character.

When you’re a guest at a ballet performance in the theatre on the other hand, you certainly dress up and to every night out dress belongs the right nail polish.

Today, in friendly cooperation with NeoNail, we would like to show you two ways of styling your hands in a perfect dancer’s style: First, as a ballet dancer in a soft rose nude, and secondly, as a spectator at the theatre, wearing a glamorous outfit!

Here’s our Step By Step Guide to beautiful dancer’s nails: 

Our nail look for a night at the theatre

And for some real ballerina nails…

Lastly, we want to let you know how to remove the NeoNail manicure! Here are the three easy steps:

Step 1: Roughen the surface of your nail with the file until the nail polish is all matted.

Step 2: Take the nail wraps, saturate with acetone or UV nail polish remover and wrap around your fingertips. Let it sit for 7 to 10 minutes.

Step 3: Remove nail polish with small rosewood stick – some last bits can be removed with the buffer.

ltogether, our experience with NeoNail was honestly great – the system is super easy, the nail polishes are easy to apply and the colors are beautiful. For the beginning, we can only recommend the starter set with LED lamp – everything you need is in there and you can later add more colors…

Jana is wearing color „Mulled Wine“ and Vanessa is wearing „Natural Beauty“.

In cooperation with NeoNail

Good Vibes Only

It’s Monday and the week ahead of us is filled with appointments. We have been working on an exciting cooperation which we will launch this Wednesday on the blog – stay tuned.

Besides our daily madness we will be traveling between university, business meetings, ballet rehearsals and grabbing a coffee on the go. The past weeks have been really busy and it seems the up-coming ones won’t be much easier (our schedules are drenched in different colours and plastered with sticky notes).

Leather jacket – Mango
Stripped shirt – H&M
Pants – Zara
Sneakers – Adidas Superstar

MC Talk with Johannes Heinrichs

Johannes Heinrichs is a Potsdam-based actor, which I met during a project at the theatre. He got his acting education in Ulm and Babelsberg, both re-woned academies for acting. He is also known for acting in numerous tv productions, for example „Club der roten Bänder“, an addictive series which aired on Vox in 2016. Right now, I’m actually working on another project with him, this time it is dance-related – stay tuned!

When you were a child, what did you dream of being?
I dreamed a lot but I had no plan. I always act spontaneously. Becoming an actor was a project that came up slowly and gradually when I was a teenager.

What do you always take with you when you travel?
Lip care, fishermen’s friend (spearmint) and music (!!!)

What is your favorite spot on earth?
I’m not sure I ‘ve already found that favorite spot on earth. San Francisco was great, but I think a little hut near the beach in the Caribbean would be much more interesting.

What is one thing left on your bucket list?
There are a lot of things but definitely being a part in a Tim Burton production.

What is your favorite indulgence?
Coming home after a working time and having time with my family.

What is your ingredient for a happy life?
Be curious, never lose your humor and start each day with a grateful heart.

May’s Favorites

This time, our May’s Favorites are all about rose…

  1. Eyelash Curler by Charlotte Tilbury
    Recently, there has been a big launch of Charlotte Tilbury products in KaDeWe Berlin – as we all know, she’s the goddess of the make-up world and everyone craves her products! It’s no surprise I fell in love with her perfect eyelash curler in sweet rose gold!
  2.  Body Slim Global Slimming Concentrate by Lierac  
    Cellulite is a lot talked about topic and there are many different approaches – in my opinion, precaution is best. In my family there’s a history of weak connective tissue thus cellulite… Therefore, I like to already take some supportive measures from time to time (besides fitness, naturally). Lierac actually has a patent on their body slimming concentrate and so far I can confirm that my skin feels tighter (and the smell is gorgeous as well!).
  3. Hydra-Body Lait by Lierac 
    Complementary to the slimming concentrate, one should use a hydra-lotion in order to keep the sky hydrated and smooth. I chose the hydra-body last by Lierac, because it works hand in hand with the concentrate as well as smells fresh, flowery and pleasant.

Personal Issue: Digital Detox

I think it’s only natural that a person who is quite involved in Social Media and communication will at some point ask herself, what consequences it has to be always online. I work as a Marketing & Social Media Manager and additionally also have this Blog (which I love working on and creating content for!) – you can believe me, that’s a lot of time spent on Instagram, FB & Co. Especially, with the rise of Snapchat and Instagram Stories I feel like the time people spent watching videos has increased dramatically.

Last week, I read an article on Spiegel Online, which reported that a court has declared making phone calls with a mobile phone an occupational disease – since it had caused brain cancer for an Italian worker. I personally was shocked when I read the article – is that going to happen to me to if I continue spending that much time on the phone? Are these consequences for real?

Apart from the health consequences, Social Media have severe consequences for our daily lives. When was the last time you went our for dinner and didn’t touch your phone once? Only had real conversations? When was the last time you went to a concert and just enjoyed the music, instead of filming the whole scenario? I know, that sounds so petty and old-fashioned. That’s what our parents tell ourselves day in and out. But maybe they are right?

Maybe it’s time for our generation to embrace real life again and do some digital detox from time to time: not placing our phones on the bedside table but in the kitchen over night, going out for dinner without a phone, going for a walk, creating memories in our minds, not our iClouds.

In my opinion, even when you’re a blogger or work in Social Media, you should have the freedom to be offline from time to time – maybe that is the only thing that keeps us sane. Despite the fact that I love my job and certainly this blog (which is surely my job as well), I enjoy to go for a walk in nature with my dog and parents without my phone. I also think the best nights are those, when no phone is needed.

Lunch in Berlin: Café Oliv / Oliv Eat

Whereas Café Oliv in Münzstraße is already established in Berlin Mitte for a while, now the second café/restaurant of the two owners opened at Potsdamer Straße. Last week, we checked out both locations. Both are stylish in a minimalistic way – the color oliv is like a red thread and pops up every now and then, for example in form of the beautiful chairs in Oliv Eat. The food is similarly simple but delicious: I enjoyed some pasta with asparagus, peas and some very light white wine sauce – it was a perfect lunch dish!

Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆
no Wifi available

Café Oliv
Münzstraße 8
10178 Berlin

Oliv Eat
Potsdamer Straße 91
10785 Berlin

What to Wear to this Location

MC Talk with Cailin Klohk

Cailin Klohk, who we spotted through Instagram, is 23 years old and was born and raised in Germany. Her mum is Irish, so she grew up speaking English as her first language and moved to London to study here when she was just 19.
Today, Cailin works as the Junior Fashion Writer at Topshop Head Office. Her job includes managing and writing the Topshop blog (find an article here on how she got her job), as well as writing features for the Topshop UK website, newsletters and more. This background got us hocked instantly and we are super happy that we got her to fill out our interview.

When you were a child, what did you dream of being?
I wanted to be an actress when I was younger – I was actually signed with an agency for a while and got quite far in the casting rounds for some big German productions, but I quickly noticed I wasn’t that into it after all, so I gave up that dream. Then I wanted to be a fashion designer because at the time I thought that was the only job in fashion there was, but later I discovered I was actually more interested in writing – so I studied fashion journalism. In my job today I work in fashion, but I also get to write about films and interview actresses, so I guess it’s not too far off from my dreams as a child!

What do you always take with you when you travel?
Definitely a good book and usually way too many clothes and shoes!

What is your favorite spot on earth?
I live in my favourite city in the world, which still makes me feel excited after five years of living in London. But it always warms my heart to return to my small hometown in Germany too, and I’ve travelled to loads of amazing places in the world that I loved! As cheesy as it sounds – home is where the heart is, so I guess it’s wherever I feel the happiest in that moment.

What is one thing left on your bucket list?
So many! There are so many more places in the world I want to see and things I want to do! I have two very ambitious dreams though, which are very unlikely to happen. One is to attend the Oscars at least once in my life, and the other is to fly to space! I’m convinced everyone should have at least one big, unrealistic dream.

What is your favorite indulgence?
I take way too many baths!

What is your ingredient for a happy life?
I’m a firm believer in the power of positivity. If you stay positive and surround yourself with positive people and energy, anything is possible and good things will happen to you. Everything happens for a reason, and life is what you make of it.