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Oktoberfest Special

On Saturday it’s that time of the year again. The world’s biggest Volksfest will open it’s gates in Munich. Hello, Wiesn – hello, Oktoberfest!

Since 1810 these festivities are annually held in Munich but since a few years this tradition has also swept over to other areas. Also in Berlin and Potsdam are many events taking place in the next few weeks under the theme „Oktoberfest“.

Jana traditionally heads to the Oktoberfest hosted by the Café am Neuen See, which took place the past weekend. Here she has collected some impressions for you to get you in the mood.

Here’s her impression of the past event:

„I love CANS WIESN at Café am Neuen See. Firstly, my boyfriend is the host of the event and secondly, all my friends are there! Oktoberfest in Munich might be the original, but surely the atmosphere and spirits are at least the same in our Oktoberfest tent! We all love to dance the night away to the classic Wiesn Hits and just have fun. I can only recommend to go with a big group and gather all your friends for the event.“

Of course a very important part is the outfit choice. During a short trip to Munich I tried a Dirndl for the first time. As a kid I had worn some because my Dad used to work in Bavaria. But since then I haven’t worn one. So, it was time to give it a try.

My best friend is a huge Wiesn fan and therefore knew where we had to go and which size I should try. I knew that the Dirndl should be light blue or red. In the end I didn’t buy one there but checked through the internet when I came home and ordered two pieces on Zalando.

In the end I went for one from the brand Krüger Dirndl. You can see it in the header image of this post as well as in the second combination we have put together for you. I absolutely love it. I totally forgot how lovely those Dirndls look and I can’t wait to wear it to some up-coming events.

We hope you are maybe also keen on visiting an Oktoberfest event. We have put together a list of events taking place in Potsdam during the next weeks. When one of these seems interesting to you, just click below the picture on the three links we have shared with you. Maybe we will see some of your there!

Himmelreich Oktoberfest Caputh / Spowi Wies’nPotsdamer Oktoberfest

How to wear a Trenchcoat

The Trenchcoat has probably easily became one of our favorite fashion pieces ever. Always looking timeless and chic, you can wear this piece to any occasion.

Today we would like to share some various outfit combinations with you. The trenchcoat Jana is wearing, is from the label Club Monaco and she got it two years ago during our time in New York. It was love on first sight and since then has been a loyal partner.

When buying a trench, you really got to watch the length of it. There are so many different lengths and not every length suits every body typ. And who wants to look lost in their trench? No one!

So, when you go out and want to buy one, make sure the store offers various lengths. Or you head to different stores. Try a long, middle length and short one in order to see which suits you the best.

Next step: color. Of course beige is the classic color for a trench and when you want to invest a little more, we would always recommend you to buy one in beige. But of course there are many different colors popping up when looking for a trench and why not go for a oxblood, light blue or grey one sometime.

Above we have chosen three different coats, all to be found on Zalando

When you have found the right trenchcoat you need to decide on how to wear it. This coat is a real investment and a true statement piece. And it makes the perfect season-transition coat. Still a little chilly during those first spring days and already breezy winds when autumn is coming? You will love your trench during these days.

Above we have put together two ways on wearing the trench. During spring you can already dare to wear some sandals but keep your legs covered to avoid that chilly feeling. When autumn comes along opt for some cute booties, a jeans and a pretty blouse. Our go for a cozy knit piece in oxblood or rosé.

In the end make sure to add some cute accessories to your outfit combination. Let it be a pastel colored cross-body or shoulder bag. Or a patterned scarf.

Always keep in mind that a trenchcoat is already a statement piece itself, often you don’t need that much to underline your outfit combination when wearing one.

Outdoor in Munich: Eisbach

Before I knew anything else about what to see in Munich I had the Eisbach on top of my list. You probably think „Why is a little stream so interesting?“

Well, since I’m a huge sport enthusiast I know about the Eisbach surfers and really wanted to see them live. Just past the bridge near the Haus der Kunst, the river forms a standing wave about 1 metre high. This makes the perfect surfing wave and therefore attracts quite a few of them. However it is also a really dangerous spot and only experienced surfers should take a ride here.

We headed there directly on the first day we arrived since the weather was fantastic and there would actually be some surfers around to watch. When we got there the place was packed with people who also admired the guys on their boards. I could have stayed for ages and just watch them. Now I want to learn surfing even more desperately.

Breakfast in Munich: Cotidiano

I spotted this breakfast on various Instagram feeds and we therefore decided to try it out. Cotidiano (the one we went to) is located in the heart of Munich and was easy to reach by foot from our hotel. You can either come here for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We decided to go for a good breakfast.

Their menu offers various dishes and I was instantly reminded of my time in New York. I choose their traditional Bircher Müsli which was absolutely delicious and had a Latte Macchiato to drink. My best friend went for a warm pretzel croissant filled with an goats cheese omelet and some greens. I tried a little of her dish and can also highly recommend it.

The interior is warm and welcoming, you can easily sit here for one or two hours. When we came we had no problems getting a table (Saturday around 10am) but a little later the place was pretty crowded. During the week (Monday to Friday) they take table reservations, on the weekends you have to be here early or wait.

Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆

Cotidiano Gärtnerplatz
Gärtnerplatz 6
80469 München

September Inspiration

I don’t know why but September already makes me feel like autumn. I guess its because of the weather we already have her in Germany, mostly grey and rainy. Even though I have experienced an Indian Summer in New York, September will always be autumn-pioneer.

This also means our wardrobes get a huge make-over. All those breezy summer dresses and sandals start to vanish; booties, long pants and cozy knitwear land in the drawers.

Of course also those earthy shades and the different states of grey have their moments in this month but adding a little colour can give your whole outfit combination a twist. Red and pink add the perfect dash of colour.

Dinner in Munich: Servus Heidi

I‚m actually not such a big fan of traditional Bavarian food because it’s mostly heavy on the stomach. But when you are in Munich for the first time I guess it is an obligation to try it out.

My best friend checked through the online portal TripAdvisor were she found this restaurant called Servus Heidi. They serve traditional Bavarian food but interpreted them in a new way. It’s located a little outside of the city center but easy to reach with the subway.

When we got there the place was packed. We didn’t make a reservation in advance but when you head here on a Friday or Saturday night make sure to reserve a table beforehand. Just in order to avoid waiting for half an hour. But since we had time it was really nice to sit at the bar and enjoy a pre drink plus already flicking through their menu.

It’s not  big menu which is always a good sign since the small amount of dishes they make are mostly good. My friend went for a traditional „Schnitzel“ while I had dumplings served in three different ways (traditional, beetroot and spinach topped with salad and nutty butter). Both dishes were delicious and I was highly pleased that we tried this place.

Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆

Servus Heidi
Landsberger Straße 73
80339 München

Personal Issue: When your priorities change

At some point we all have our priorities and somehow organize our lives according to them. Maybe not realizing this straight away but those priorities really shape us and how we arrange our daily life and, really important, our future. What are the values we want to keep and pass on? How important is this or that? And is this really necessary? But this is all a little more complex, as I have experienced lately.

I guess the least of us know their priorities straight away. When someone would come up to me and ask for my priorities I would certainly have to think for a while. For a long time I thought I knew what my priorities are, since I’m always really organized when it comes to life and schedules. But I guess life events, people and certain circumstances change those preferences and you start to over-think your way of living.

My first, vast major life course was when my father died in 2012 (find an article on that here). So much changed in an instant second and somehow you think your life slips through your fingers. This is when I realized how short our lives are and how precious it is what we have. We have to be honest: we can’t always live our lives to the maximum and have great days everyday. And thats normal. We are normal. We are no freaking machines that work 24/7 and pull a happy face all the time. Humans are not made to be like that! But way to often we don’t or don’t want to realize that. But, guess what, we have to deal with it.

Dealing with life can be pretty hard and devastating from time to time. Which is why many people sometimes try to ignore it but don’t realize that this makes it even worse. In German you say „etwas aussitzen“ (something like „to sit sth. out“). But I’m not sure if this has gotten many people that far. To sit something out often means that you don’t talk about the problem or what ever it is you have to wait upon. This often makes people more impatient and bitter. And that certainly is never a good situation for discussing things.

I looked up „priorities“ on Pinterest since I’m a fan of good quotes. And running through these pictures really made me think. For example one quote said: „Instead of saying ‚I don’t have time‘ try saying ‚it’s not a priority,‘ and see how that feels.“ (Laura Vanderkam). I think this conveys a lot and it’s true, even if we don’t want to realize it. We try to schedule our days according to or preferences. Of course this isn’t always possible since there are certain appointments we have to make such as visiting your dentist. But this also means we want healthy teeth, which makes this appointment also a priority to us. I just start to think of all my appointments and somehow I always find a matching preference why I will write this into my planer and go there.

Therefore I think our schedules list us pretty much how our priorities look like. Going to the hairdresser, meeting friends, do a shopping trip with your Mum, have dinner with a crush, workout at the gym and let our moles be checked at the dermatologist. And then this sentence comes to my mind: „Nobody is too busy, its just a matter of priorities“. The moment we make our appointments in the calendar we set our priorities.

But I wanted to keep the focus of this post upon what happens when we change our priorities and why we sometimes do that. I guess the most common things are life changing events such as marriage, a newborn, getting a job or loosing someone in your life. But also new people popping into your life change they way we think. I always thought work and training my body to the maximum would be first on my list. They were for a long time because I felt safe and secure training in studios. And its certainly still very high on my list but since a year and a half I have realized that there is more to life. More to experience and more to do.

I guess loosing my Dad just changed everything more than I have realized. I thought I got through this time pretty well but honestly: I think I went into a nutshell and stayed there for quite some time. For example, I have always been a sports enthusiast. And yes I had to go for one type since time wouldn’t have allowed any other hobby besides dancing. I’ve set my priority. But lately I also got back to other sports such as swimming, Yoga and strength training (also on my list: Stand-Up Paddling) . Of course to somehow make me a stronger dancer but also to give my body and my mind a change. Sometimes we got to look beyond in order to blossom, develop and cherish the life we have.

And yes, humans are clever constructions. At the age of 18/19 I never thought about having children. Now, at 24, I definitely would love to become a Mum someday. Not in the next months and years but motherly feelings do come through from time to time. And I guess in most cases this is something really normal. At young, teenage ages we don’t think about things like that because other things are important to us. But somehow we have been created to rethink and to actually set our priorities according to our age and the life statues we live in.

So, after all this, how can we work out our priorities? I wish, at the end of this entry, I could give you a straight forward answer to the question but I can’t because I’m still not sure if I have found all my priorities yet. And I’m not sure how to set them myself. But life has shown me that something like a healthy life and healthy newborns is truly something to wish upon.

A weekend in Munich

Last weekend I headed to Munich for a short get-away with my best friend. I have never been to Munich before but many people already told me that it is a lovely city for a weekend trip.

We booked our flights at the beginning of April this year with AirBerlin and paid about € 110 both ways per person. When the airline announced their bankruptcy a few days before our flights we were a little scared that everything would be canceled but luckily this was not the case.

We left early on Friday morning and came back on Sunday evening. Our first day was amazing. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the typical Bavarian way of living: beer at the Viktualienmarkt, coffee in the Englischer Garten and Knödel at a stylish Bavarian inspired restaurant (will post a guide on that soon).

On Saturday the weather was a little unstable. Therefore we decided to head to the museum. Since I studied Art History here in Berlin as my bachelor program, I already knew a little about the local art museums. Since I didn’t want to over-strain the nerves of my friend I just decided to visit the Alte Pinakothek, featuring paintings from Albrecht Dürer, Leonardo da Vinci, Peter Paul Rubens and many more.
Sadly I was a little disappointed of the collection or, lets say it this way, of the way the paintings are represented. Since we have a great new museum in Potsdam (find a post about that here) and after reading the book „Kunst hassen“, I find it hard for older museums to keep up with the transition. Of course, the works displayed here are a pure sensation but the walls, the impolite security guards and  those unhygienic catalogs lying around just have to be modified.
Maybe they are changing something because parts of the museum were closed for renovation. This means, I certainly have to come back and find out.

On Sunday we just had a lazy start. Got up late, checked out of our hotel (we stayed at the MotelOne located at Sendlinger Tor. It was absolutely perfect because we could easily walk everywhere) and had breakfast the LAX Eatery (read about it a post before this one).

All in all I can warmly recommend Munich. It’s a beautiful city with so much traditional architecture and lovely little cafés. You can walk around the city easily and explore all those hidden corners and big squares. And, another thing I decided: I have to come back for the traditional Oktoberfest someday soon.

Breakfast in Munich: LAX Eatery

When I stepped into this little café in Munich I instantly felt like being back in New York again, enjoying a good brunch morning with Jana. Lax Eatery tries to convey the American west-coast feeling with palms and American road signs on the walls plus serving breakfast all day long.

Also the food they serve seems really American inspired: fresh smoothies, blueberry pancakes, egg burritos and bread with smashed avocado. The menu is small but well organized and you easily find something. The place is small and on a Sunday morning pretty packed but we didn’t need to wait, one table was available straight away.

My friend and I each went for the egg burritos and added extra avocado. As a sweet sensation we share the blueberry pancakes which were super fluffy. The coffee was good and their homemade ice tea really refreshing.

All in all I can recommend this place. Maybe not for a big group of people (because of the space and their amount of big tables) but with a friend or alone you will can enjoy some quality time here.

Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆
free wifi available

LAX Eatery
Neureutherstrasse 1
80799 München

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Breakfast in Potsdam: BioBackHaus

Sometimes you just need a quick breakfast spot in town where you can enjoy a good coffee and some on-the-go snacks.

The BioBackHaus ist located in the center of Potsdam, really close to the Dutch Quarter (a sight-seeing sensation in Potsdam). Back when we went to school, we quite often dropped by and got a bread roll or a piece of cake here since it was just around the corner from our main building.

They serve bio products produced in Berlin and Brandenburg. Mainly they have focused on baked goods but for their breakfast offer they also have yogurt with fruits, scrambled eggs and cold cuts. The buns, bread slices and cake pieces are really delicious and also perfect to take-away. Of course the price range is a little higher than at a normal bakery but sometimes you can afford to get something here.

Come here early in the morning on a sunny day and enjoy your coffee outside, sun-bathing including.

Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆
no wifi available

Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 87
14467 Potsdam

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