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Dustin Yellin: Psychogeographies @ New York City Ballet

Sometimes, we come across artworks that are quite fascinating so we want to share them with you. One of these is Dustin Yellin’s exhibition at the Lincoln Center: Psychogeographies @ New York City Ballet. I think the exhibition is absolutely unique and captures a dancer’s movements but also incorporates a dancer’s feelings and mind during a jump, turn or any other dance move. More information here and here.

Culture in Berlin: Hamburger Bahnhof

Yesterday we headed towards the Hamburger Bahnhof, a museum for contemporary art, displaying pieces by artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Joseph Beuys and many others. We really enjoyed some of the works while others were rather questionable. At some point it’s hard to like modern art even when you try to get a grip of the artists mind. It really depends on the way how it captures once minds. The outfit Jana is wearing is a day to night combination. For the day just throw a fluffy cardigan over a super skinny dress, add some bling with a glittery necklace and chose some mid heeled booties. For night leave the cardigan in the car and go for some killer heels. Put on some metallic eyeshadow and your ready for a night out. Dress – H&M Cardigan – Zalando Collection Necklace – NoaNoa

March Inspiration

When you read this, I’m already on my way to Venice. That’s why the inspiration for this month  is rather Venezia-based. We are thinking of the lagoon, all the water, colourful carnival masks,  La Biennale di Venezia, a gondola ride and yummy italien food. When I’m back there will be a  lot of new pictures from this beautiful city. (click on the image for the original source!)

Culture in Berlin: Gemäldegalerie

When you start studying Art History you simply can’t avoid to go to the museum. The Gemäldegalerie is an art museum and holds one of the world’s leading collections of European art from the 13th to the 18th centuries. You can find masterpieces from artists such as Albrecht Dürer, Lucas Cranach, Hans Holbein, Jan van Eyck, Raphael, Caravaggio, Rubens, Rembrandt and Vermeer. Just to name a few.

The Little Black Jacket

♫ Citizens – True Romance ♫  We for sure couldn’t miss this exhibition.  The Little Black Jacket  Chanel’s Classic Revisited  by Karl Lagerfeld & Carine Roitfeld  U3 Bahnhof & Tunnel  Potsdamer Platz 1  10785 Berlin (for those who aren’t sure if they should go: the whole exhibition is free and  you also get a poster for free. Hope that makes the decision easier)

Culture in Berlin: Berliner Liste

Last week we were invited to the Opening Party of the art fair Berliner Liste (thanks to PEO).  We got a glimpse of the work presented there (did you see them on Twitter?!) and enjoyed  some techno sounds at the Tresor Club which is located in the same building. We sadly couldn’t snap some more pictures of the art, since it wasn’t allowed to take pictures.

Culture in Berlin: Berlin University of the Arts

♫ Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – 40 Day Dream ♫  The Berlin University of the Arts (short in German: UdK) is probably one of the renowned public art schools in Germany. If you manage to get hold of a place at this institution you are more than lucky and already (if you graduate successfully) have a high-light on your curriculum vitae. So, it was no surprise that a lot of people were going to take a look at it on the annual open house days of the university. Jana is on holiday at the moment, she will bring some lovely summer pictures along when she comes back (hopefully!).

Culture in Berlin: Old National Gallery

If there is one thing that takes my breath away it must be art. I am totally fascinated by it! In school I learned a lot about different epochs and of course somehow discovered my favourite ones. One of those is Romanticism, especially the German painter Casper David Friedrich has captured my attention. Therefore it was truely special for me to actually stand infront of an original painting by him. If you want to see some of his paintings and many, many more you have to visit the Old National Gallery in Berlin. Definitely worth a visit! All the best,  Vanessa

There is always hope

Let’s send all our good wishes and all our hope to Japan. The catastrophe has been shattering for all of us. We believe in the strong will of the people coping with their fate and all we can do is to wish them the best of luck in these hard times.