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Takeaway in Werder (Havel): Rostbratwurstgrill

This is probably not your typical go-to place but the burgers taste delicious which is why we would like to recommend this takeaway place. The Rostbratwurstgrill is located in Werder (a town outside of Potsdam – easy to get there by bus) and used to be an petrol station turned into a takeaway bistro. They serve various things but the burgers are a must. Cheese Burger (€ 3.50), Chicken Burger (€ 3.00), Big-Fish Burger (€ 3.00), Teriyaki Burger (€ 3.50) and many more. If it’s not you burger day you can also enjoy a Currywurst (€ 2.50), a meat loaf (€ 2.00) or a Schnitzel (€ 3.00). Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆ Rostbratwurstgrill Berliner Straße 57 14542 Werder open Monday – Friday 10am to 8pm // Saturday 12pm to 8pm // Sunday 2pm to 8pm What To Wear to this Location

Magic Position – London

When you read these lines I will already be on my way to… London! At least once a year I have to visit this city otherwise I would go crazy. It’s my absolut favorite city and staying there is always a get-away for me. I’m not the kind-off hanging-around-at-the-beach-girl and I even love London on rainy days. Besides that I will also be staying in Oxford for 4 days since my boyfriends starts studying there. Oxford is so beautiful too and I got some nice things planed when I’m around my old home. It will be a whole lot of fun and when I’m back there will be many new pictures. Besides this I’m there during London Fashion Week. Got one show on the schedule and will be around for some street style snaps. Check out my last years LFW experience. These pictures are all mixed together from past London trips

August Walks in Paris

Here are some impressions from a very calm and peaceful Paris. Basically, in August the whole French nation leaves for vacation thus many boutiques, restaurants and of course firms in the capital have closed doors. As well the whole Parisian fashion industry takes a break and will be back just in time for New York Fashion Week by the beginning of September, still working on their own Paris FW, which is the last one in row at the end of September. This break only works, because everybody takes it thus no one needs to worry that someone will wait for results – only this collaborative break can work out. All in all the French are just genius in pausing their daily routine and have a distinct sense for enjoying their lives. This once again proves that the saying “Germans live to work and French work to live” is somehow right.

Midnight Couture goes Paris – exploring the neighborhood

Dear readers, Right now I (Jana) am continuing my studies with a semester abroad. That it why I just moved to Paris! It has long been my dream to study abroad and I chose Paris, since it is the fashion capital of this world thus I will direct my studies towards the creative industries. Hence, from now on we will keep you updated from the origin of two cities- Paris and Berlin! We always love to enhance our blog with an international perspective, therefore we will continue sharing our favorite places, fashion as well as cultural tips and we hope that you enjoy this wider point of view as much as we do.

Marrakech Photodiary I

Marrakech is the most wonderous, wild, beautiful and exciting city in Morocco. You only need to blink and there is another thrilling sensation just around the corner. Still, it is a city of contrast – the big place Jeema al Fna would be sleepy throughout the day but it awakes at night when there are hundreds of food stands offering numerous delicacies. For fashion victims the Souks (huge moroccan market complex offering predominantly leather goods, spices and lamps) are a must – if you know the right places you can shop suede leather bags, scarfs and blouses at low cost but high quality. Always talk to the people working at the stands and only buy where you feel comfortable. Marrakech as well has a new city that has many lovely places to offer, for example the Grand Café de la Post, which has a unique atmosphere as well as a sophisticated menu. Even tough one must be prepared to see snake charmers, some meat stands that do not seem to offer the freshest products, a completely …

Vienna Photodiary

Vienna was one of the cities on top of our must-visit list! Therefore, it was more than great to be able to spend a long weekend in this beautiful city. If I should describe Vienna in three words, those would be classic, sophisticated and unhurried. This city definitely knows exactly where it stands thus exudes a confidence known from cosmopolitan cities at its best. Nevertheless, Vienna managed to keep its ancient charm and makes you feel a whiff of of the former imperial empire. I was fascinated most by the sheer density of monumental buildings and the spacious architecture. At the same time there is nothing better than sitting in one of the numerous petite cafés and have the bespoke “Apfelstrudel” with vanilla ice cream and a tasty Hausbrandt coffee.

Shorttrip to Nice

Nice is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Despite it’s rather small size this city has much to offer when it comes to the experience of real, authentic, french savior-vivre! Nice is drawn through with narrow alleyways, guiding from the old city centre to the stony beach with azure blue water and back to the new city with lots of lovely shops and cafés. This french treasure is one big boulevard, which welcomes those who love to stroll pleasurably, live life to the fullest and appraise its beautiful things.

A Night Out in Palma

Herewith I share some memories from my summer travels with you! These are from a beautiful night out in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, which is one of our favorite vacation spots to just relax, shop and enjoy delicious food on the way. Autumn definitely is just about to arrive in Berlin so recalling warm memories from past weeks made my day!