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A Night Out in Palma

Herewith I share some memories from my summer travels with you! These are from a beautiful night out in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, which is one of our favorite vacation spots to just relax, shop and enjoy delicious food on the way. Autumn definitely is just about to arrive in Berlin so recalling warm memories from past weeks made my day!

Lunch in Werder (Havel): Café Jacob

From time to time it is so nice to try a café or restaurant in your vicinity.  On the contemplative island of Werder opened a new beautiful café called Café Jacob. They serve homemade cakes, quiche, tarte flambée and delicious breakfast in the morning.  Later during the day you can enjoy some fresh, classic cocktails. The interior is  really chic and charming. If it’s raining outside you can cuddle-up inside and when the sun  is shining you can enjoy your coffee on their own terrace.  Café Jacob  Torstraße 3 (Insel)  14542 Werder

Shades of Blue

We really were more than lucky with the weather in Venice. The sun was shining bright and  in those three days we stayed there not a single cloud was to be seen. Here you see this “blueness”  of the city. Rich, pure and above all beautiful. Somehow I just had to thought of Yves Klein  and his International Klein Blue. Of course that is different in it’s colour but the richness just causes  the same thoughts and feelings in me.

Fondamenta delle Zattere

♫ Dean Martin – Thats Amore ♫  Blazer – Sandro Shirt – Zara Jeans – Zara Shoes – Converse  I just really love Italy. There are so many beautiful cities, mesmerizing landscapes, a lot of  history, perfect gelato and delicious food. I have been to Venice two times already but just for  a day, never stayed there for a few days actually. It was just the perfect time of the year to visit  the lagoon city. Not to many tourists and perfect weather. Luckily we had no Aqua Alta!  Watch out, the blog will be an Italian oasis the next few days.