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Welcome to the Spitalfields Market

Maybe most fascinating about London is that it does not matter how often you visit, you will  always discover something new in this city. This time I discovered the area near Liverpool Street and Spitalfields Market. I really love the cute boutiques and café all around this area and you can have the best breakfast in town- more soon!

Victoria’s Secret in London

The store already opened this summer but I still wanted to share it with you.   It’s their first European store and my first visit ever to a Victoria’s Secret store. Always mesmerized  by the shows, I went in and was swept away. On four floors you can shop till you drop from lingerie, to  nightwear and beauty. In the windows you find the 2011 Fashion Show collection which is pure perfection.  Have you seen the one from this year?  (the pictures we don’t own are marked with the link where to find)

Outdoor in London: Portobello Road

♫ Ren Harvieu – Open Up Your Arms ♫  I’m back from my four-days-London-trip with my boyfriend and had the most amazing  time over there. It’s always a good idea to visit London in my opinion since it is full of  inspiration and new ideas. And it always feels like coming home.  Next week we will start at University, new stage of life for both of us. 

London last month

♫ Wolf Gang – The King And All Of His Men ♫ I was in London last month to visit a good friend of mine.  The weather was crazy – really. It wasn’t warm, it was super hot! However, this month the first Victoria’s Secret store opens in London. I need to get there back soon. But due to the Olympic games I think I will wait a bit before going back. Must be really insane there the next weeks! All the best,  Vanessa

Ballet in London

Of course, as a true ballet lover, I couldn’t miss the chance on stoping by at some of the coolest dancewear shops in London (and buy something there, too). Here is my personal dance-clothes-shoes-little-some-things guide. The Repetto Studio in the Shoe Galleries at Selfridges  It is not a dancewear shop. But Repetto, a French ballet shoes company, also has a normal show collection line  in which you can feel like a modern ballerina on the streets. The little area is super cute: you have a ballet barré, a big mirror, red satin curtains and chandeliers. Bloch Concept Store   Here you can find everything you need: Leotards, pointe shoes and ballet flats, tap and jazz shoes, warm-up clothes and cute little accessories. Got myself a pair of ne jazz shoes and a black hotpant. Freed of London   Sadly it was closed when I passed by but shop window and the glimps through it showed me a good dance store. I really wanted to go inside because I know that a lot of famous dancers …

Camden Town

Camden Town is always so much fun. You can hang out with super cool and crazy people in an area which is rather unusual. I think I really adore this mix in London. On the one side you have districts like Kensington, Knightsbridge and Notting Hill. Then there is Soho, Covent Garden and Mayfair. And also not to miss Camden Town, Islington and Spitalfields. Actually everything you wish for.   Still, I talked to quite a lot of people who told me that London is losing it’s charm, fascination and magic. And to be honest, I can understand them. I love little shops which don’t have this high street, main stream craziness. I do like shopping there, wouldn’t deny that. But it gets boring from time to time. The people in London, like how I met them, were really angry with the political situation and all those cuts. Everything gets more expensive and people stop buying because they simply can’t afford it anymore and those little, charming shops have to close down because the prices …