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Milano Photodiary

I have visited Milan a couple of times now but recently I realized that I completely underestimated this city. I thought, there is the Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emannuele and that’s it, basically. However, this time I discovered that there is so much more to this city! I went to Navigli, where people sit nearby the canals, enjoy the sun, drink some Aperol Spritz and just relax. Also, the area near Wagner is very beautiful and not at all touristy. Milano has really convinced me that it has more to offer than tourist sights and I fell deeply in love with this amazing city!

North Sea coast

Germany offers some delicate weekend-getaway destinations. Over the years I think many people have realized this and especially the German people start to explore their country. A few weeks ago I spent a weekend at the North Sea, the weather could have been a little better but the seaside is still a beautiful place even when it’s raining. Somehow it’s easier to except a bad weather day here than anywhere else. What to pack

Staying in Weimar: Design Apartments Weimar

When thinking of Weimar you instantly think of Goethe and Schiller, theatre and Bauhaus. It’s this typical city nearly every school class visits and where you find a lot of sightseers. But besides all these cultural highlights, Weimar simply is a perfect little weekend get-away. And therefore you of course need a cool place to stay. Of course you can choose on of those many hotels there but when you are looking for something more personal this is the right place for you. Design Apartments Weimar are two holiday apartments you can rent during your stay in Weimar. The owners offer a big and a smaller flat furnished with interior design pieces from former Bauhaus University graduates who get the chance to present their pieces to the general public. Besides this you will be able to find design classics such as the Eames Plastic Side Chair. But more important is, that you can buy the design pieces straight away. When staying in the apartment you somehow are in a showroom where you can find pieces for your own flat. The owners of the apartments offer …

The Dutch Countryside

During my stay in Amsterdam I got the chance to experience a short trip to the Dutch country side and all I can say is that is it really beautiful. Pink, yellow and red tulip fields paint the scenery in the most beautiful colors possible. The sea breeze blows away your sorrows and the waves sooth your mind. You can reach the beach with only traveling half an hour from the exciting city of Amsterdam and I can only recommend a day trip to discover the Dutch beauty of nature.

Moroccan Rose I

Morocco is simply one of my favorite travel destinations ever. This country has a raw beauty hat isn’t easily found anywhere else. I love the friendliness and kindness of the people, the narrow streets with many artisan galleries and shops, the delicious tangines and peppermint tea and that there is always another treasure waiting around the corner. Tunic and scarf – local artisan shop

Crystal Blue

I almost forget about these outfit pictures which we took in Italy! The water is so clear and blue, I could start daydreaming again! Also the setting is extremely beautiful- the garden is so neat and in its full bloom. Sometimes all I wish for is to get back to all these wonderful places on earth and escape daily routine some time. Dress  –  H&M Bag  –  Liebeskind Berlin Shoes  –  Tamaris

A Perfect Night

  Very rarely we can call an evenening “a perfect night”. Last saturday of holidays was a perfect night like this. I was still at Lake Garda with family and friends, so the evening began with eating pizza together and enjoying stories about travelling through Italy. After that my mom and I went to the performance of “The Black Swan” (from the choreograph from oscar winning movie “Black Swan”!) by the American Ballet. The clue was, that the performance was open air in the so called “Vittoriale” (which is someting like a very small colosseum). The setting was so beautiful, because you had full view of the lake, the dancers made their play in the foreground and everything was enlightened by the moonlight. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. After that we had some cocktails in the Hotel and even a firework was taking place at midnight.  

Hotel Bella Riva

Hotel Bella Riva is a recently opened Design Hotel at Lake Garda. I wanted to present it to you because I really like its concept and the whole interior/exterior design. I particulary like the “kitchen” which is part of the house own restaurant (which serves delicious food, too). Also the small library and reading room is equipped with a lot of interesting books, like “The 100 coolest Clubs” or “Dior-60 years of Style”. Since the Hotel is situated directly at the lake you can enjoy beautiful sundowns with full panorama of the lake and its massive mountain scenery.