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New Years Eve Inspiration

Frock and Frill cocktail dress / Glittery hair clips / Starred glitter clutch / Peeptoe heels / Silver Mary Janes / Frock and Frill ball gown Statement necklace / Lace eye mask / Black body / Lace jumpsuit / Long lace dress / Silver glitter pumps / Ankle boots Golden bracelet / Golden necklace / Long coral dress / Metallic sandals / Metallic flats / White cocktail dress Here are three themes which will make your New Years Eve a little more special. And the best thing about this? The majority of the pieces you find here are on s a l e.

November Inspiration

For many this probably is not applicable but I think winter is a beautiful season. Many people are a little touchy when you start talking about this season but somehow it’s just this special time of the year. Christmas seems just around the corner and everyone starts to buy their presents. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer (one aspect I also don’t favor that much), a hot chocolate becomes more enjoyable, cookies and cinnamon rolls unfold their true flavor. Thick coats are coming out again, cozy hats and long scarfs grace our necks. I for example absolutely love getting into the dancing studio during that time of the year. Darker shades are moving into our closets such as a midnight blue, a dusted grey or a rouge noir (make sure to check out the new Chanel beauty collection!). On the shopping list

Garden Party Inspiration

“Friendship isn’t a big thing — it’s a million little things.” The last weekend just gave us this little spring/summer mood which is why we have created this inspiration post for you. Sitting together with a bunch of friends, eating delicious food, having one or two summerish drinks and talk until late at night is the things we enjoy the most. Sometimes you need this holiday feeling even when you are not out of town. Therefore we also would like to share with you this video created by Esprit running under the title “Stories inspired by friendship”. It shows exactly what we are talking about. The atmosphere, the feeling, the music and the scene are just p e r f e c t – you just simply want to join them. pictures via pinterest

Oscars 2015

One passion we both share is to annually watch The Oscars with pleasure. We love to watch the ceremony but most importantly the beautiful gowns the celebrities are wearing. This year there were many gorgeous dresses that resembled modern princesses. Rosé, burgundy red, white and black were the dominant colors. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees, we are looking forward to next year’s ceremony!

Haute Couture Week in Paris

The Haute Couture week took place in Paris during the last January days. And once again it took our breaths away. The creations really are masterpieces and unique works of art. In this post we like to share with you our favorite shows and what we can learn from them. Giambattista Valli Probably one of our favorite collections of the couture week. The colour palette got us right away as well as the romantic ballet skirts (reminding us of the ballet Giselle) and all that organza which has been used. Favorite detail: the black headpieces with a bow and mesh. Dior The venue of the show is getting a 10/10 from us. Electric, playful and so fascinating. We simply couldn’t avoid all those instagram snaps which were dazzling around our feed. The collection? Playful skirts, sequins, jumpsuits, rain caps and skin-tied over-knee boots. Sensual and yet erotic with those shoes! Chanel Thinking off a huge botanic garden with crystal flowers, jeweled insects, huge plants and a crazily happy coloring? Then welcome to the Chanel couture show. King Karl did it again – he surpassed all his …

Breakfast in Berlin: Barcomi’s

Cynthia Barcomi was born in Seattle and moved to Berlin in 1985 after she finished her studies at the Columbia University in New York City. She opened her first coffee roasters and bakery in 1994, the second one followed in 1997. This time she decided to open a Deli in Berlin-Mitte serving fresh cakes, cookies, bagels and delicious coffee. Before Christmas my Mum and I had breakfast at this place and really loved it. I ate Barcomi’s Granola (€ 4,50) while my Mum enjoyed a NY special bagel with smoked salmon and onions (€ 6,70). For drinks we had Chai Tea (€ 3,60) and a fresh ginger tea with honey (€ 3,20). Not that cheap but worth the price. If you want to go to this place be early or make a reservation beforehand – just to be on the save side. Price $$$$$ // Service ☆☆☆☆☆ // Location ☆☆☆☆☆ // Taste ☆☆☆☆☆ Barcomi’s Deli Sophie-Gips-Höfe, 2. Hof Sophienstr. 21 10178 Berlin Monday to Saturday // 9am to 9pm Sunday // 10am to 9pm What To Wear to this location

January Inspiration

How about challenging your inner highland lady? Head to the countryside, take long walks, bake pie, have a cup of tea and get an overdoses of Downton Abbey or Jane Austen. We are thinking of checkered scarfs, cozy knitwear (especially turtle neck sweaters), brown riding boots, cute patterned skirts and a well fitted hat.

PFW S/S 2015: Dior Show

Fashion Week madness in Paris. One week ago we decided to take a look at the outfits in front of the Dior fashion show at Cour Carrée du Louvre. Totally crazy! People screaming and shouting, running and gliding. When Anne Dello Russo came she walked directly into our direction and when Dakota Fanning arrived everyone went crazy. I’m not sure how I got the picture of her but you can see it here (Nr. 6). Also Coco Rocha and Natalia Vodianova walked by with their bodyguards. In the end Marion Cotillard came who we sadly missed since we were so hungry we had to find something for lunch. Which meant, ending up in a little backyard park with super delicious falafel.

LFW S/S 2015: Photo Diary

London Fashion Week kicked-off yesterday and I was able to snap a few pictures around Somerset House again. Already last year I was runing around the scene and now again. September is somehow my London month. Mostly I look out for beautiful bages and there are some labels I simply can’t get enough of: Celiné and Mulberry! Those two are just so beautfiul and somehow all over the place.

BFW S/S 2015: Photo Diary Lavera Showfloor

Sustainability is a topic that concerns all of us and which slowly but surely has found its way into the fashion scene. I think especially nowadays, in times of shocking incidents like the Bangladesh factory collapse, we are more concerned about our clothes’ origin and finally start to ask questions about material, production, working conditions or methods. It is most important that fashion labels react to this customer sensibility hence green fashion is more trendy than ever. The lavera Showfloor, which takes place on occasion of the Berlin Fashion Week, is one of the most important events when it comes to so-called green glamour. On three show days, laver shows designers all over the world that all have one thing in common: their collections are not only highly fashionable but also made under fair circumstances and with sustainable materials. This summer, I was working at the lavera Showfloor and intact responsible for finding these 11 international designers, who fulfill ethical but also fashionable standards. It was definitely a challenging job but I enjoyed every minute …