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Abury Design Experience x Harpers Bazaar

We are always happy to report to you about innovative projects and new approaches to the fashion world. The Abury concept is such an amazing new project that is both inspiring and beautiful. Abury has originated a project that one the one hand supports local craftsmen communities in Morocco and Ecuador and on the other hand supports young, emerging fashion designers who seek to gain experience and prove their creative talent. For this project Abury will send two upcoming designers to work on a two to three month basis with local craftsmen communities and produce a small collection of high-quality bags. Their motto is “Inspire Change Through Design”. You can find all the details here. If you are a designer make sure to apply for this contest.

ESMOD Charity Fashion Performance

Monday evening we were invited to the annual ESMOD charity event St. Catherine. This year’s show was a fashion performance entitled “BAROCCO-CODE”. This motto was realized by the ESMOD students (first year, second year and third year scholars) in ONLY THREE WEEKS! The fashion show war very impressive, even more when we heard how little time the students had to develop the ideas, the designs, the moulages and the final outfits!

Aids Gala in Berlin

At the Aids Gala in Berlin the following collections were shown:   Frida Weyer Her typical style with soft fluid fabrics and feminine shapes The Esmod Collection The Esmod students thought about how to combine condoms with fashion    The Jeans Brand Lucky who could catch one of the flowers the girls threw from up the catwalk to the audience