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Home Workout Equipment

Some of you may already know that I’m a workout lover and therefore I considered it would be nice to give you a little overview on my equipment I use at home. Starting from left to right resistance band (red) I use this one mainly to do some feet exercise to strengthen my feet. Especially after my foot surgery was this my best workout-buddy Gaynor Minden Flexibility band (pink) It’s always important to stretch and in order to get more flexible I use this flexibility band to increase my side splits as well as working on my arabesque and á la second extensions (dance lovers will know what I’m talking about) light hand weights (pink) I got these from my Mum and try to do little exercise with them mainly in combination with sitting on the stability ball or lying in a bridge position. I don’t want too muscly arms which is why I always stretch after using them and try to do various workout routines Foam roller With the foam roller I want to …

MC Talk with Isabelle Pollet Villard

Isabelle, raised in Bordeaux, left France and her family with 15 years to become a ballet dancer. She has danced as a professional ballet dancer for 18 years, performing almost the whole classical repertoire but also various modern pieces in Germany, Switzerland and on tour all over the world. Isabelle discovered Pilates in the late nineties after a serious foot injury. She now is a certified Pilates teacher and will be opening a new Pilates Studio “The Pilates Movement, Isabelle Pollet Villard” in Berlin Mitte (soon just five minutes from Rosenthaler Platz Subway station). When you were a child, what did you dream of being? I wanted to dance but I also remember wanting to be an archeologist for a while. Brushing the sand and dust off old stones and bones was what I was keen on. I guess this is one of my character features that led me to become a ballet dancer and now Pilates coach… always searching for those little details, clearing the “dust” to find the perfect shape, position, posture. What …

Indulge House Fashion Week Special

We’ve always been fans of all the blogger events that take place during Berlin Fashion Week and are not designer’s shows but rather crafted especially for bloggers. Last Wednesday we had the pleasure to attend the Indulge House Fashion Week Special at AMANO rooftop. It was a relaxing morning, with a Pilates session by Isabelle, who is a former ballerina and personal Pilates teacher from Berlin. Afterwards we enjoyed some food by superfoods & organic liquids Berlin and also various lovely brands, like Eins Berlin crafted jewellery and Nuori skincare products. Thank you for this event! What to wear to this location

Sports Essentials

For us as dancers and sports junkies it’s always a challenge to find the right clothes to work out. They have to feel comfy, we need to move in them and they should look nice as well! There are not many sports brands that offer these kinds of sportswear. However, there are some brands we like. Lululemon usually have stylish sports bras and tops, we love Oysho’s sports collection and of course Nike is a classic. Sports Bras all Oysho crop top by Yvy Park at Zalando shirt and fitness shoes by Oysho   Shoes Reebok, Nike, Adidas Inhale shirt and sports bag both Oysho Our favorite sportswear brands and online stores: Lululemon Oysho Zalando Fabletics


One of our obsessions since New York are Acai bowls. After we tried the Acai bowl at TwoHands we were more than willing to try it ourselves and share it with you. Here is what you need: one frozen banana, 100g frozen raspberries, 75ml almond milk (you can also go for soy or coconut milk) and one tablespoon Acai powder, fresh berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries – it’s up to you), granola, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and nuts. How to make: Freeze a banana (cut into pieces) one night in advance. Add the banana, frozen raspberries, almond milk and Acai powder to a mixer and blend. Serve in a bowl. Garnish with the remaining ingredients. Shop some bowls

#MCWorkout: Creating Daily Motivation

A few days ago we introduced to you our new section on the blog: #MCWorkout. And here follows the second post. When you are keen on tackling your body shape, you first of all should think about some motivation. Why do you want to this? What is the ambition to go through all those long hours at the gym or any other sport place. Mainly it should be something you do for yourself and your own sense of well-being. And sometimes a dose of inspiration is the right thing to get everything going. At the moment I am absolutely obsessed with Natasha Oakley’s Instagram account and her way of living. She and her best friend, Devin Burgman, are probably living the life everyone is dreaming of. Both stunning, traveling the world and mostly hanging around the luxurious beaches around the world. Besides their jet-set lifestyle they both have an absolutely stunning body. Not too thin and not to bulky, really athletic and curvy. This is why I made them my daily workout inspiration. If you feel tired of working out just look at an …

February Inspiration

“Number one, like yourself. Number two, you have to eat healthy. And number three, you’ve got to squeeze your buns. That’s my formula.” Richard Simmons With the Super Bowl final just around the corner (taking place tonight) it is the perfect time to pick-up another topic on our blog: Fitness and Workout-routines. It’s been on my mind for a long time now and I’m seriously thinking about giving you a more closer inside look into my daily training and how I like to stay in shape. Shortly before summer is approaching many girls AND boys are getting crazy about achieving the perfect beach body. In my opinion it is important to stay in shape all year round not only because of a changing season. Another thing I noticed is the change of eating habits in our society. People start to think about their daily nutrition and realize that a healthy and well balanced diet is just the right approach to make your mind and body happy. I completely agree to this. The important thing is …

Sweet Treat in Berlin: Youghurt

You know we love food (and taking pictures of food). For some years now we noticed that people around us try to eat more healthy and keep an eye on what is in their food. When Jan from Youghurt invited us over to try their Müsli (cereals), frozen yoghurt, smoothies and fresh toppings we couldn’t resist. You come in and chose everything yourself and how much of each topping you want. In the end you pay by weight (100g = € 1,99). If you decide to visit Youghurt you will find a self-service bistro which serves healthy fast food on a fresh basis. Their newest addition? Salads and soups. Jan and Magi (married couple), owner and founder of the store, love what they do and what they have created. You can really feel their passion for the concept and the store which is why we also would come back and visit them for a FroYo and a chat. Youghurt Berlin Leipziger Platz 12 10117 Berlin

Stay in shape over the holidays

Since going to dance class at least three times a week it is quite a shock to do nothing over the holidays. I guess some of you know what I’m talking about. Therefore I decided to make my own little training plan since I don’t want to abstain the sweet treats around Christmas. Eat what you like and when you like just work-out! I really can’t stand those people who sit around me and say “Oh I have to watch my wight” and “No, I can’t eat that now”. I say nothing about eating healthy, thats fine, but come on some chocolate or a piece of cake will not kill you. Besides that the body needs some sugar. So, actually it is rather simple: do something for your body everyday. I go for a mix of jogging (with stretching afterwards) and swimming since both are good for stamina and muscular strength. At home I do some sit-ups for the belly. Don’t over do it and have a good balance. What do you like to do? …