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Milano Photodiary

I have visited Milan a couple of times now but recently I realized that I completely underestimated this city. I thought, there is the Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emannuele and that’s it, basically. However, this time I discovered that there is so much more to this city! I went to Navigli, where people sit nearby the canals, enjoy the sun, drink some Aperol Spritz and just relax. Also, the area near Wagner is very beautiful and not at all touristy. Milano has really convinced me that it has more to offer than tourist sights and I fell deeply in love with this amazing city!

August Inspiration

Let it be a short trip to or a long time-out: Italy is always worth a visit. This country has so much to offer you simply can’t get enough of it. La Dolce Vita, the sweet life, is here not just a saying – it’s a life philosophy everyone should once in a while indulge in. A dream travel goal is to do a road trip through Italy, mainly focusing on the Tuscan region (Florence and Pisa). Additionally let’s go to Milan, Bologna, Venice, Verona and Rome. The list could get even longer… Packing for such a trip isn’t easy but we’ve got you covered with some details you should add to your shopping agenda. First of all make sure to bring tons of dresses. Mini or maxi, both work well. Try some floral ones and definitely all white as well as striped. Always add some pretty jewelry to your outfits such as delicate gold necklaces (three to four work well) and thin bracelets. Next stop, shoe shop. Bring flat and heeled sandals so you can easily wear your day outfit to night …

Shades of Blue

We really were more than lucky with the weather in Venice. The sun was shining bright and  in those three days we stayed there not a single cloud was to be seen. Here you see this “blueness”  of the city. Rich, pure and above all beautiful. Somehow I just had to thought of Yves Klein  and his International Klein Blue. Of course that is different in it’s colour but the richness just causes  the same thoughts and feelings in me.

Fondamenta delle Zattere

♫ Dean Martin – Thats Amore ♫  Blazer – Sandro Shirt – Zara Jeans – Zara Shoes – Converse  I just really love Italy. There are so many beautiful cities, mesmerizing landscapes, a lot of  history, perfect gelato and delicious food. I have been to Venice two times already but just for  a day, never stayed there for a few days actually. It was just the perfect time of the year to visit  the lagoon city. Not to many tourists and perfect weather. Luckily we had no Aqua Alta!  Watch out, the blog will be an Italian oasis the next few days.