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Ernährung Pt. I – Ein Anfang

Lange habe ich überlegt ob ich das Thema Ernährung hier ausführlicher auf dem Blog aufgreife. Schließlich ist das Feld einfach riesig und ich keine Ernährungsexpertin. Dennoch habe ich mich seit geraumer Zeit immer mehr damit beschäftigt, was ich in meinen Körper “packe”. Bekanntlicht heißt es ja: du bist, was du isst. Und das Ernährung sich entscheidend auf den Körper, den Geist und unsere Emotionen auswirken kann, ist ja schon länger bewiesen. Wer kennt es nicht, das “hangry”-Gefühl wenn man mal wieder nichts zu Essen in der Nähe hat und dann schlechte Laune bekommt? Vielleicht haben einige jetzt den ultimativen Essensguide erwartet, jedoch muss ich euch diesbezüglich leider enttäuschen. Denn ich habe zum Teil selber noch nicht die absolut richtige Ernährungsweise für mich gefunden. Seit einer Woche habe ich begonnen meine Lebensmittel zu listen um eine Übersicht darüber zu bekommen was mir welche Nährstoffe gibt. Denn viel zu oft habe ich mich schlapp gefühlt, schnell wieder hungrig oder auch mal Appetitlos. Bereits nach fünf Tagen ist mir aufgefallen, dass ich deutlich zu wenig Eiweiß zu mir …

October Inspiration

Autumn is one of the seasons we really love. The light (when the weather allows it) is so magical when the sun goes down, the leaves are beautifully colored and cuddling up on the sofa becomes casual. Oh and don’t forget the hot chocolate here. Plus, Halloween is coming our way. Excitement level? High! And we guess no other month than October represents autumn so accurate. We therefore have put together a little inspiration post for you, featuring our favorite pieces and states for this month. The weather is changing daily, the spices of our food gets a make-over (craving for that pumpkin-ginger soup) and our wardrobe becomes more comfortable.

Wild Garden

Who hasn’t been in this situation yet? There are some people in life who are really special to us and who have been through various ups and downs with us. Friends who are so special that we can’t live without them and need their guidance in every situation. Letting this be a normal one like choosing the right pair of jeans or taking care of our broken heart. A best friend is a person in your life who just excepts you the way you are and never lets you down. And than, there comes this situation when you urgently feel the need to thank this person. And this, is really important! Even though the other person dosen’t expects to get a thank you, it is necessary to do it anyway. The team behind Wild Garden has therefore come up with an idea to say thank you to your bestie. They have created a fragrance line consisting three different kinds off scents. This gives you a good variety to choose from. The three are: Pretty&Wild, Sweet&Naughty …

Touch of Pink

It’s one week left until the Moët Party Day – we’re counting! However, this weekend is going to be less glamorous… We will both be working on Saturday and hopefully enjoy the sun on Sunday a little. About this look: the dress is my new favorite summer dress, the kind that you will throw over in seconds as soon as the sun comes out and instantly feel good in! I combined it with my small everyday-bag and some summer sandals. Dress – Mango Bag – Furla Shoes – Zara

April Inspiration

Hello, April! Hello Spring and the light mood that comes with the first sunny days! Fortunately, we’ve been lucky when it comes to the weather in Berlin so far – the last days have been warm and full of sun! That’s probably why I suddenly have such an urge to shop light dresses, pastel colors, rose colored sandals and light-washed jeans with flower embroideries… What are your most loved spring trends this year?