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Personal Issue: Why do we always judge each other?

Lately, I couldn’t help but think a lot about „judging“ and how it affects our lives in general. I understand, that judging means to formulate an opinion about a person, often without knowing them better or being present at the circumstances. For some reason, judging others is a sport among women, especially when Instagram is involved. Profiles are checked out, opinions are formed – a picture that is a little bit too revealing or make-up that is applied is a little bit too much, will be topic of talk in minutes! But why are we so pre-occupied with others? And why do we think, that our interpretation is always right? Honestly, I think judging others should not even be a thing. We should all keep in mind, that people are flawed (we all are) and everyone has the right to live and present themselves on Social Media in the way they want. However, when people are presenting themselves on Social Media this way, shouldn’t we also be allowed to form opinions and talk about it? …

August Inspiration

Hello August, hello ultimate summer month! We certainly can’t complain over the weather during the last few weeks. We had a lot of warm, sunny days already but wouldn’t mind it to stay that way. This months inspiration is inspired by grey and light blue shades, fresh salad recipes, light denim pieces and beige colored bags. [show_shopthepost_widget id=“1819088″]