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Top five in August

At the beginning of this month we already showed you our love for Italian style – thanks to the August issue of Elle Germany this was highlighted a little more and we can indulge into some beautiful snaps from Italy showcasing delicate Italian fashion design. The light grey leather jacket makes a beautiful summerwear piece for cooler evenings. And the price is such a good offer – shop the piece here. Jana’s beloved Ace&Tate Byron in the colour Space Oddity accompanies her on every journey. Summer sound for long evening with friends offers Lianne La Havas’ new album “Blood” – great sound! Make sure to add it to your playlist. At the beginning of August Copenhagen was packed with chic and sophisticated fashion people. Here is one of our favorite looks from the streetstyle sector. Photographed by The Urban Spotter and display on

Make me feel the warm, make me feel the cold.

Yesterday evening a spend a lovely girls night with some of our friends. We had homemade pizza, a delicious cucumber/feta salad, fresh melon with ham and cool drinks at a friends place. After this delicious dinner we headed to the cinema and watched Magic Mike XXL. Honest opinion? The first one was better. We missed the story somehow. Nevertheless the evening with the girls was a sensation and the weather was absolutely amazing! However the outfit combination here was taken on Thursday before our dinner at the Grace restaurant. Make sure to take a look at our post about this place! Shirt – H&M Blazer – Zara Sandals – Zara Necklace – Sence Copenhagen

Valentine’s Day Shopping Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and therefore it’s time to get the right details. Either you can see this as a shopping guide for the ladies or as a present list for the boys. Whatever you need it to be, take it as an assistance for buying the right pieces. Every woman wants to feel sexy and confident. But this does not start from outside. What you wear underneath is as important as your daily outfit. And who is going to watch Fifty Shades of Grey btw.? Everyone is crazy about it but no one really says that they read the books. We have absolutely fallen for the soundtrack of the movie.

January Inspiration

How about challenging your inner highland lady? Head to the countryside, take long walks, bake pie, have a cup of tea and get an overdoses of Downton Abbey or Jane Austen. We are thinking of checkered scarfs, cozy knitwear (especially turtle neck sweaters), brown riding boots, cute patterned skirts and a well fitted hat.

The White Blazer

Every woman should own a classic, well-fitted black and white blazer. They simply give every outfit this business-chic and also underline a tough personalty. Even a casual jeans and T-Shirt combination will look absolutely stunning with a blazer. You simply can’t have enough of them but certainly you need black and white in your closet first before any other colour. White Blazer – Sheinside Boots – Doc Martens Bag – Vintage

Crazy Horse Paris

When you’re in Paris you need to try something different. So, on Friday evening we headed to le Crazy Horse de Paris. An absolutely stunning show! Not many people have heard of this but you should certainly get to know it. “Femininity, creativity, audacity … The most avant-garde cabaret in Paris”. Amazing costumes and stunning performances. Those ladies are absolutely beautiful and it’s so much fun to watch them. However you have to expect a lot of nudity since they are doing burlesque performances. Dress – Zara Leather Jacket – Zara Necklace – Sence Copenhagen Hat – Galeries Lafayettes Boots – H&M

Magic Position – London

When you read these lines I will already be on my way to… London! At least once a year I have to visit this city otherwise I would go crazy. It’s my absolut favorite city and staying there is always a get-away for me. I’m not the kind-off hanging-around-at-the-beach-girl and I even love London on rainy days. Besides that I will also be staying in Oxford for 4 days since my boyfriends starts studying there. Oxford is so beautiful too and I got some nice things planed when I’m around my old home. It will be a whole lot of fun and when I’m back there will be many new pictures. Besides this I’m there during London Fashion Week. Got one show on the schedule and will be around for some street style snaps. Check out my last years LFW experience. These pictures are all mixed together from past London trips

June Inspiration

We love hitting the beach during the summer season and getting out of town can be a true bliss. But nevertheless we also love staying in Berlin. A stroll through the streets in Mitte, those cute cafés in Prenzlauer Berg, the lakes close by, those flea markets and of course the amazing people who live in this city. A lunch with friends, why not choose some killer heels and keep the rest of the outfit on a basic level. It’s fun and you can show-off your stunning legs during day. We are thinking of cute swinging skirts, beautiful heeled sandals, a messy hair bun, back backless shirts and some kinky sunglasses.

With The Blues

It seems as if the weeks are just passing by so quickly. Since we have so much to do and work on everyday gets shorter and shorter. Time is such a valuable thing! We simply rush through the days and our timetable. We seriously need to relax this weekend a bit. Have you got your weekend planed already? This outfit combination is a rather simple but chic one (another Office look actually). When the temperatures rise it’s nice to swap your booties to some pretty sandals. Blazer – Zara Shirt – Mango Sandals – Zara

May Inspiration

If you go to New York it’s a must to try a Lemon Loaf at Dean and DeLuca. It’s so tasty! Some of you maybe know Dean and DeLuca from the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” where Andy’s boyfriend buys some cheese and strwaberries at that famous place (got to watch that chick flick soon!). But enough of this NYC hotspot, back to our this months inspiration post. Actually we both are not very much into yellow but this season it comes in so many different shades that you simply can’t avoid it. One of the leading ladies to wear this daring colour is Nicole Warne, blogger and founder of Gary Pepper. You can also find her in this post. Zara created an online section all under the titel “Lemon Vibe” and here you can shop their interpretation of the seaons must-have colour. We are thinking of a soft yellow pastel blouse and/or a printed dress. Maybe even a clutch in bright yellow. If you want to wear this colour you need to know that not every yellow shade suits every person the same …