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#sommergesund with SisterMag

Last Friday I finally had the chance to meet the lovely SisterMag girls again. Occasion? They organized an event setting a primary focus how to get healthy and fit through the summer season. In little workshops we got an inside look on health products, beauty treatments and latest wholesomeness helpers. During the lunch break you were able to get a pedi and mani session, polish your hair style or refresh you make up by a great beauty team. And of course we have to mention the delicious food which has been served all day long. Starting with some breakfast treats, a lunch break and in the afternoon sweets and coffee. Dear SisterMag Team, thank you for this great experience and the lovely day I have been able to spend with you. Well done for making us a little more happy and healthy during some hectic weeks. Get some summer pieces here

The last couple of days

The last couple of days have been pretty stressful again. University took-up a lot of time. Then we worked on our new project together with SisterMag and had a little birthday bash yesterday. Besides that the next few weeks will be really tough because of exams and presentations. AND getting everything ready for Christmas (unbelievable how fast this year went by!). It’s always this busy month with buying presents, writing cards and baking cookies.


As promised (first post this way) here come the official pictures from the photoshoot I did for SisterMag. The photographer of the pictures is Cristopher Santos, a really cool and easy-going guy. It was such a pleasure to work with him and the SisterMag team. Pictures taken by Cristopher Santos

Dancing for sisterMag

When SisterMag asked me to take part in a photo-shooting about dance I was in straight away. It’s so much fun to share and present what you love. These are just some snaps I took. We’ll get into the details when the final result is out. Btw. Vogue Fashion’s Night Out today. Will be around Ku’damm, looking forward to be seeing some of you guys there.