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Shorttrip to Nice

Nice is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Despite it’s rather small size this city has much to offer when it comes to the experience of real, authentic, french savior-vivre! Nice is drawn through with narrow alleyways, guiding from the old city centre to the stony beach with azure blue water and back to the new city with lots of lovely shops and cafés. This french treasure is one big boulevard, which welcomes those who love to stroll pleasurably, live life to the fullest and appraise its beautiful things.

Addicted To You

Somehow we have chosen the right time for snapping some pictures: 20 degree and sunny all day long. When the sun comes out in Berlin, everyone is hanging around town. It was yet another perfect moment to add a lovely must-go place to our Berlin guide list (soon on the blog). With the weather becoming better the clothes become lighter and skin can be shown just a tiny little bit. A mesh sweater are just perfect for these in-between temperatures. Make sure to keep your skin healthy when you want to show it. Use some body lotion after showering but try to avoid those with a strong perfume mixture. Sweater – DefShop Black pants – Zara Black leather jacket – Zara Bag – Uterque Sandals – Zara Be Brave band – Mane Message

Anything Could Happen

I know, this sounds crazy but I found this absolutely stunning dress in the Kids Collection from Zara. It fits perfectly and is so cute, simply couldn’t resist. I often have the problem that even the XS from the women collections doesn’t fit me and therefore I somehow discovered the Kids section for me. So, if you are not that tall and rather thin, try it out. Of course I wouldn’t buy everything there but a few pieces are definitely suitable for grown-ups. The little bands are actually hairbands (you will see more of them soon). Totally fallen for them. Thanks to the ladies from Mane Message for sending them to us. Dress – Zara (Kids Section) Shoes – Zara Silver Bracelet – Tiffany & Co. Pearl Bracelet – Thomas Sabo Colourful hairbands – Mane Message