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Personal Issue: About being a university student and why it doesn’t fulfill me

Today I want to open up to you about a topic which has been on my mind for quite some time. And yes, the title already spoils it all. In 2012 I started to study Art History and Theatre science at the Freie Universität Berlin. Directly after finishing school I became a university student. My start wasn’t that great since just five days after the semester officially started I lost my father (you can read about this here). But maybe I have to go back a little further so you can understand why I started studying these topics. During my last school year I decided that I would like to become a dancer and go to a school where I could be trained professionally. Due to all my studying for the final school exams I didn’t have enough time to train as you need to in order to get a spot at those institutions. Which is why I decided I would train for one year everyday and apply for the dancer program during the next …

Bachelor Thesis: Finding a topic

As the title of this post revealed I will give you a little insight into my university life. Since I just finished my bachelor thesis and handed it in last week I figured out it would be nice to give some support to those who still have this challenge ahead. One of the hardest things in the process of setting-up the bachelor thesis is finding the topic you want to focus on. Nevertheless there are some elements you can follow in order to find the right topic. 1. Choose a topic you like by creating a mind-map This seems to be a simple advice but its so essential. You will work on this topic for months and therefor it needs to be something you are happy about. Sometimes the best way to evaluate your ideas is to create a mind-map in order to structure your thoughts. 2. Do some research If you were able to limit your selection to three to one topics its time to do some research. Check the literature statues, read articles …

Next Stop: Amsterdam

This week it is already time for my next stop: Amsterdam. I have always wanted to live some time in this wonderful city and now the time has come that my dream comes true. Amsterdam is full of creative, easy-going people and offers a perfect working environment for me to pursue my studies. I am looking forward to sharing some insider tips and streetstyle from the city with you!

Goodbye 2013

When it comes down to prepare this post we always think “What happened to this year?!”. Somehow it comes really slowly, the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. However it still always feels as if we have created this post just a few days ago. And now we do it again. One year, gone so fast and with it so many memories to keep in mind. What has been most memorable then? Here a little list which is really just captures some things We traveled a lot this year – Amsterdam, London, Praha, Palma de Mallorca, Madeira, Weimar, Istanbul, Paris, Roma and Venice. We hope to be able to add some more beautiful places to our list in the next year. Traveling is such a passion, you ca never get enough of it. We have done an interview with the Tagesspiegel about Midnight Couture. Additionally we also joined the BlogStars and Stylight blogger network. So many opportunities have come along and we are so grateful for it. And you made this actually possible. BIG THANK YOU …


People tend to think that, because of the blog, we run around totally styled every minute, all day long. So, here is the truth: we do chose what we wear carefully but that doesn’t mean we look like we would go to a party everyday. For us it is important to look confident, casual and with a touch of elegance (this can be achieved just by wearing a beautiful necklace). Just go for some simple key-pieces and you will look effortlessly beautiful and charming. Chiffon Tank-Top – AxParis Black Skinny Jeans – H&M Black Blazer – Zara Silver Necklace – Sixx Shoes – Zara

Strawberry Red

Red blazer – Mango Embroidered shirt – Mango Skinny jeans – H&M Shoes – H&M Pearl bracelet – Thomas Sabo Silver heart charm – Tiffany & Co. Silver necklace – Tiffany & Co. The sky was pretty grey again and it was nice to wear something bright just like this strawberry red blazer. Today we have rehearsals all day long and will more than happy  to get back home in the evening. What are you up to this weekend?