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Our ten favorite pieces of art

Art always been a fascinating subject to us and over the years we have discovered more artists who truly have created some delicate pieces. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder which is why art is always comprehended from each individuals perspective. In a list we have gathered our ten favorite pieces of art. As you will see the selection is really diverse and we simply can’t follow a specific epoch. Willem de Kooning. Untitled I (1977) Jackson Pollock. Autumn Rhythm: Number 30 (1950) Caspar David Friedrich. Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer (1818) Gustav Klimt. Women in Gold (1907) Mark Rothko.White Pink and Mustard (1954) Jeff Koons. Flower Puppy (1992) Chad Wys. Brutalized Gainsborough (2009) Yahoo Kusama. Infinity Mirrored Room (2013) William Turner. Keelmen Heaving in Coals by Moonlight (1835) Jaeyeol Han. Hidden Violence (2011)

Will you be my Valentine?

Some love, some hate Valentine’s Day. All that we can say is: Why shouldn’t we enjoy it while it’s there anyways! This year my boyfriend took me to Amsterdam for Valentine’s weekend and I loved the Dutch people’s positive attitude towards Valentine’s Day! Every restaurant and bar had some funny and cheesy decoration, but it was all just fun and all people enjoyed the atmosphere instead of complaining how silly this tradition is.  

February Inspiration

February is still a somewhat grey month but in our case it is illuminated by interesting projects and quality time with friends. There is so much that inspires us at the moment, whether it is a new ballet, an exciting new travel destination, a new café in Berlin, an interesting conversation or a new beginning. Let’s make this February a colorful instead of a grey month! Be inspired and creative and have fun whatever you’re doing. Shopping List

What Lies Beneath

When you are commonly surrendered by dancers it just instantly becomes normal that their body type is so much different from other people. However I know that this is not normal for the majority of you and therefore I really admire Rick Guest for creating this unique book + exhibition. In his book What Lies Beneath Rick Guest portraits dancers from different, European ballet companies and captures the brutal beauty of dance. The image of ballet dancers is constantly changing and books like this really emphasize this. Ballet dancers have finally risen to the statues of an athlete. One minute on stage takes a whole life of dedication, desire, passion, pain, willpower and endless hours of practice. The audience just sees the glorias moment but what it takes is far more than that. The first round of prints is limited to 1000 copies. Buy it here. And the exhibition will open on the 22nd through to the 31st of January 2016 at the Hospital Club Gallery in London’s Covent Garden (10am – 6pm / open to the public).

Ten Things I learned from living in Amsterdam

A M S T E R D A M 1. It can be so easy to be friendly, nice and helpful. Just take a look at the Dutch people, they can show you how to do it. 2. When you study fashion or fashion management at any fashion school in the Netherlands, you’ll learn the importance of supporting young and upcoming designers or even design students. I have never witnessed a crowd of students so proudly wearing their study colleague’s designs. 3. The Dutch have an extraordinary taste in interior design. Since most Dutch leave their windows without any curtains, you get the chance to catch sight of their beautiful furniture and explicit homes. 4. There is no bad weather in Amsterdam. You’re just too weak or do not have the right clothes, get over it and it will make you stronger. Period. 5. There is no excuse for NOT riding you bicycle at any time. It does not matter if it rains, if there is a storm or sub zero temperatures – you have to t a k e y o …

June Inspiration

Yes, it’s summer but why not invest in some steamy grey pieces? It’s classic and so easy to combine with some splash of color. Or maybe just challenge an all grey combination. We are thinking of skinny light grey jeans, greige T-Shirts, coal-colored leather jackets, silver jewelry pieces and some killer sandals in nude. pictures via Pinterest

Book Recommendation: I’ll drink to that

I‘m lucky to have a good friend, who knows my taste of books and would give one new read to me for my birthday every year. This time, it was “I’ll drink to that” by Betty Halbreich. I have to admit, at first I did not know what to expect and whether it would be interesting to read a whole book about personal shopping. But after just reading three pages, I was hooked and could not stop until I finished the whole book in two nights. Betty Halbreich has that very particular dry, ironic humor that is especially my kind. I often caught myself laughing out loud while reading, which happens rarely. Betty’s stories are exciting, interesting and always have a twist. I feel that those stories are true and written from her heart, what makes them even more authentic and entertaining. I’ll drink to that is not only a book about personal shopping but more about life, its obstacles and how to find happiness thus learn to be content with what one has achieved. Betty has certainly had many exciting …

Culture in Amsterdam: La Dame Aux Camélias

Going out to see a Ballet performance is one of our favorite things to do together. So of course we couldn’t miss the beautiful performance of “La Dame Aux Camélias” by the Het National Ballet. The performance was breath-taking, we were so captivated by the exceptional choreography, which displayed very powerful, emotional moves. Apart from this, the National Opera and Ballet of Amsterdam is an extraordinary building with a view on the canals at sunset. Boots – Zara Jacket – H&M Bag – Louis Vuitton

May Inspiration

May? That is the last step before summer! But that is not the only reason we have to love this month: it is a month of carefreeness, of flowers, sun and -most importantly- firsts within the year. First ICED café Latte, first strawberry ice cream, first pair of sandals, first pedicure with bright red or pink, first summer dress… and so on. A little shopping list

April Inspiration

April is here and the weather is already perfectly matching the month. And when you look through this post you might get the impression of an Autumn inspiration. But no, this month we like to focus on beige, red, brown and caramel shades combined with black, white and grey. What will you find on our shopping list? A brown or dark red leather jacket, snake printed pieces, white skirts, beige pants, silk blouses and bags in brown, walnut, umber and chestnut. Here some pieces from our wishlist