Monate: Januar 2014

Late Snow

We know we have been absent for quite a while now and you are waiting for some outfit posts -we are sorry about that! However, currently we are both involved in several important projects and simply had only very limited time resources for posting. But we can assure you that we will be back if you just give us some more weeks time! In the meantime, here are some snapshots from a funny coincidence with MAZ photographer Julian Stäble who ran into me when he was in search for some pictures displaying the snowy German weather! So, maybe one of those will also be in the papers some time around.

A Night Out

Here is to all the wondrous nights, that leave us breathless and create memories we will never forget. Sometimes, nothing can be more important that a night out styling, since that may be the night that changes your life forever! At the moment we are mostly into fine lingerie dresses with lace details that hang loosely from our shoulders. Those may of course be combined with attention grabbing accessories like statement necklaces, fancy jackets or bags. Right now, you can round up your look with mid- to high-heeled ankle boots that allow you to dance the night away! And right now, have fun and always remember: “Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we should still dance.” Some of Berlin’s most glamorous Clubs right now: Avenue Karl-Marx-Allee 34 10178 Berlin Trust Bar Neue Promenade, Hackescher Markt 10178 Berlin Neue Odessa Bar Torstraße 89 10119 Berlin

BFW A/W 2014/15: Photo Diary

Berlin Fashion Week is already over but here are some of my last snaps for you. In between shooting Streetstyle looks in front of the tent it really was necessary to grab a coffee and enjoy a Frozen Yogurt at Wonderpots. The weather was pretty nasty. No sun, only clouds and some drizzling rain. I can truly think of better days to take pictures outside. But thats probably the thing with Fashion Week during January. Luckily we had no snow!

Backstage at Lavera Showfloor 2014

Wednesday night, there was the Lavera Showfloor 2014 taking place at Umspannwerk Alexanderplatz. I had the chance to take photographs from two different points of view-backstage as well as in the main hall. The atmosphere backstage was firstly tense and most exciting, as everyone was eager to give their best on stage and give a great performance. Surely, they succeeded and showed once more again that fashion can have a consciousness! Green luxury will not be a temporary issue but moreover a necessity of modern times.

BFW A/W 2014/15: Streetstyle

Yesterday I headed out to snap some street style looks at Berlin Fashion Week. Sadly when I was there, not many well-dressed people were around. To many were ridiculously dressed. Somehow the motto has come the more crazy you are the better it is. Sorry, no! Where have the classy black skinny jeans, the beautiful one-coloured coat, flat boots and a cozy sweater gone to?! I really love people who dare something but it has to look good in the end and not foolish or cheap. These girls somehow caught me because of classiness and well chosen details. Somehow I often fall for one piece in a whole combination which is why I love detail snaps. And the day once again showed me: invest in a good handbag!

Little darling, here comes the sun

We finally managed to get our first outfit post of the year ready for you OMFG. Crazy life it is. Fashion Weeks kicks-off today and we a pretty busy with projects, university and meetings. Sadly we couldn’t attend the Stylight Blogger Awards due to work and big presentations. We would have loved to go but it simply wasn’t possible in the end. But a big thank you to the Team of Stylight for the invitation. Tomorrow we will be around the tent for Streetstyle snap-shots. Hope you see some of you there. Mantel – Mango Boots – Lloyd Hat – H&M

Shakespeare. Romeo & Juliet

Probably the most famous love story of all time – Romeo & Juliet. We remember when we had to read the script in school, write an essay about it and even play some parts of it. Ever since we loved this play and the plot. Some years ago we performed it on stage as a crossover project, a mix of modern dance, hip hop, breakdance and ballet. But back then we were little girls, 15 maybe. Now the studio we train with is getting back to it and we are really looking forward to it. Somehow everyone is so excited about it and you can really feel that everyone is so willing to work hard for it. Because it was so much fun 5 years ago, it’s such a honor to be a part of it again. This however lead us to this inspiration post (sorry for so many mood boards at the moment but those projects really take up a lot of time). Somehow Romeo and Juliet is much more than only this dying …

Book Recommendation: Grace

She is one of the most inspiring persons in the universe of fashion and a fascinating character – Grace Coddington. I have always been inspired by her work by just how brilliant she is when it comes to create magic photoshoots that seem to jump at you from the pages of Vogue. Now, we can read about her story in and out in Grace- “A Memoir”.

… and a Happy New Year! + January Inspiration

First of all we want to wish you a very Happy New Year. We hope your wishes come true and you will achieve your goals. When a new year starts it somehow means something special and also that it can change everything. Everyone gets a bit sentimental about the old year and is super excited for the new one. Did you make a New Year’s resolution list? To plan a year is really hard it will still come totally different than you expect it. So, make the best of it and turn your fears into your advantages. Try something totally new in order to make sure that at the end of the year you can look back and say “Yes, I did it”. For the January Inspiration post we decided to go for purity. After als those festive days it is really important to come back to something simple and basic. Cozy sweaters for those long January days, a healthy and rich breakfast for energy, some delicate jewellery pieces, comfy ballet flats to run around …