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Find your style

I assume a lot of you have made the experience of a changing style. I mean the personal style. Many people have their own “section” where they feel the comfiest. And then there are times in life when you start to change your look. Maybe just because of a mood or because you saw some inspiring pictures/movies/tv series etc. which makes you go shopping like mad.
I actually can’t tell what made me change my fashion sense. I was looking through my closet again and discoverd that I bought a lot of feminine and chic things in the past days and months – without even noticing till now. When I was a little girl I loved everything girly and fun. Then I tried out the “alternative” section (many others in between too) and now I’m again changing. Lets see were this one leads me too… I just want to say that I still have not found the style I’m looking for. A part of growing-up I would say and definitely nothing to be afraid of.


Current inspiration

(Pictures via Park&Cube, tumblr and Fashion Gone Rouge)

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