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Personal Issue: When your world is torn apart

It took quite some time to open up about this topic but since a year and a half I can openly say it loud: I’m a half-orphan. In 2012, the year we finished school and I was ready to start my life as a university student, I lost my father. He died of a heart-attack; way too early and way too suddenly. I don’t want to go any deeper into the situation and the day as it is still a heart-breaking feeling for my family and me. But from here I would like to start this entry. The moment when your whole world is torn apart. The next couple of days and weeks have been the worst in my life so far. Somehow I exactly remember the time after the day and somehow I can’t put everything together anymore. It’s like a big sorted mess. Losing a person so close to you is something I wish no one would ever experience, sadly it is something we all have to go through and live with – …

Goodbye 2013

When it comes down to prepare this post we always think “What happened to this year?!”. Somehow it comes really slowly, the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. However it still always feels as if we have created this post just a few days ago. And now we do it again. One year, gone so fast and with it so many memories to keep in mind. What has been most memorable then? Here a little list which is really just captures some things We traveled a lot this year – Amsterdam, London, Praha, Palma de Mallorca, Madeira, Weimar, Istanbul, Paris, Roma and Venice. We hope to be able to add some more beautiful places to our list in the next year. Traveling is such a passion, you ca never get enough of it. We have done an interview with the Tagesspiegel about Midnight Couture. Additionally we also joined the BlogStars and Stylight blogger network. So many opportunities have come along and we are so grateful for it. And you made this actually possible. BIG THANK YOU …

Goodbye 2012

The year has been so amazing and equally absolutely shocking. We finished school and started a new life.  From highs to lows everything was packed into the past months. The pictures here just slightly capture the whole impressions and experiences we have made. Life has tested and challenged us in every possible way… We would like to Thank You for all the support over the years and wish  you a great start into 2013. Make the best out of it!

Goodbye 2010

At this point everyone gets really sentimental because you think back what happend this year. It was a great year! We met so many amazing people and had so much fun at all the events we attended. Thank you very much for that! Still, we are aiming for an even better time next year. New goals have been set and we hope we will be able to fulfill them. For now we wish you a wonderful New Years Eve and a perfect start into 2011. Here is our last photo series for 2010 (with old & new ones!) P.S.: Don’t forget to wear something red tonight!