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Blogger Xmas Workshop

Last week we travelled to Hamburg for a day to participate in the annual blogger Xmas workshop designed around the P&G prestige perfumes. We enjoyed some DIY workshops that included designing our own christmas tree balls, gift boxes and cupcakes – all inspired by different perfume lines, namely James Bond 007, Christina Aguilera and Bruno Banani. It was a super fun day and really got us into the right mood for Christmas. Thanks for having us Headspace PR! Christmas Shopping – ho ho ho

December Inspiration

Christmas is coming closer and guess what – we don’t really feel Christmas-like. It’s strange but when you have so much to do and so many appointments in your calendar it becomes harder to get this christmasy-feeling. However we tried to bring the feeling a little to you with this December inspiration. We are thinking about cozy movie evenings with some friends, superfood dishes, patterned, oversized cardigans, funky boots and some big scarfs. A shopping list

December Inspiration

It’s December. Again! A year seems so short once more. Everyone is getting into this pre-christmas hustle and bustle. And you know it’s Christmas season when the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is just around the corner (will be taped tomorrow). Creating this post is for us the first step of looking back at yet another incredible year. Of course there will be a throwback at the end of this month but this season just makes everything and everyone so sentimental. For this month we are of course stocking up our closets with some festive pieces. We are thinking of sequin skirts and some cute Christmas sweaters. For staying warm outside why not buy a grey coat this time and of course a warm coffee to-go (plus a cookie).

What to wear for a Christmas Brunch

We all know what Holiday season sometimes can turn into – a stressful marathon of dressing up appropriate to every occasion possible. That is why we thought it would be nice to have a little guide what to wear for different festivities during Holiday season! Firstly, we thought a cozy sweater with a statement necklace and leggings would fit perfectly to a Christmas Brunch among friends and family. Sweater – Mint&Berry (found on Zalando) Necklace – H&M

Midnight Couture wishes a Merry Christmas!

It has grown to be our little tradition to surprise our readers with a special shooting each year for Christmas! This time our pictures involve a lot of joy and movement- we have never been fans of stiff pictures and due to our common history as dancers we somehow can only flourish when we are on the move! What is more, this year we have been supported by numerous people and we are very thankful for everything! Thanks to the marvelous photographers team of Johannes Räbel and Reinhardt&Sommer for gorgeous shots and the right equipment. Thank you very much Zalando for providing us with the latest fashion for the shoot. Last but not least a big thank you to Calma Hotel in Berlin Mitte for the location! The pieces you see in the pictures Black dress – Mango (current collection) Short dark blue dress – Zara (current collection, not online available) Silver sequin dress – TFNC London (old) Long red dress – H&M (old) Statement necklace – StyleR by post (worn by Vanessa) Statement necklace – Zara (worn by …

Balloon Style Dress

Thanks to our lovely partner program, we were one of the first to have a closer look at Pimkie’s new diversion line “limited collection” that offers a whole new experience to its customers! We’ll stay tuned for the change. For our Midnight Couture Christmas Special we therefore have chosen this little black dress which makes a perfect piece to wear for Christmas eve or also New Years Eve. Dress – Pimkie Bag – Coccinelle via Zalando Necklace – Zara

Dance Christmas Calendar 2013

Already last year I did a Dance Christmas Calendar for the Dance Academy we are dancing and training with. Since it was such a great success we somehow made it to a little tradition now. So, here are now some of the pictures from our this years calendar. If you want to see the rest check Dance Academy Marita Erxleben on Facebook. Picture number 4 and 8 are taken by Johannes from JFRcreatives because I’m in the pictures myself. Thanks for that man.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013

As already promoted in the last post here come the official pictures of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which once again was a huge spectacle. We couldn’t even tell which theme was our favorite. British Invasion and Parisian Nights were definitely one of the best. But also the Snow Angels for the big final looked amazing. Watch the whole show on the 10th of December on CBS.