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Will you be my Valentine?

Some love, some hate Valentine’s Day. All that we can say is: Why shouldn’t we enjoy it while it’s there anyways! This year my boyfriend took me to Amsterdam for Valentine’s weekend and I loved the Dutch people’s positive attitude towards Valentine’s Day! Every restaurant and bar had some funny and cheesy decoration, but it was all just fun and all people enjoyed the atmosphere instead of complaining how silly this tradition is.  

Valentine’s Day Shopping Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and therefore it’s time to get the right details. Either you can see this as a shopping guide for the ladies or as a present list for the boys. Whatever you need it to be, take it as an assistance for buying the right pieces. Every woman wants to feel sexy and confident. But this does not start from outside. What you wear underneath is as important as your daily outfit. And who is going to watch Fifty Shades of Grey btw.? Everyone is crazy about it but no one really says that they read the books. We have absolutely fallen for the soundtrack of the movie.

February Inspiration

“Then, when the child of morning, rosy-fingered dawn appeared…” The Odyssey, Book XII Since we didn’t have much time to create new posts and snap some pictures outside, we have decided to make this months inspiration post a longer one. More pictures, more fun and with that the full flooding of fluffy rosé/pinkish pictures. On the 14th of February it’s Valentines Day (like every year ha). And with that we somehow like to give this month the pastel + bright pink seal. We don’t celebrate this day in a huge way but it also is a nice occasion to give winter a kick in the ass and get the colours out. Yes, spring seems still some days, weeks away but why not get the right feeling for it anyway? We are not talking about this girly, childish pink. The colour has become more sophisticated over the past years and really is a perfect match with black or grey pieces. During the Renaissance pink was used to show flesh colour of faces and hands. In the Rococo Period it became THE colour because pastels became …