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Will you be my Valentine?

Some love, some hate Valentine’s Day. All that we can say is: Why shouldn’t we enjoy it while it’s there anyways! This year my boyfriend took me to Amsterdam for Valentine’s weekend and I loved the Dutch people’s positive attitude towards Valentine’s Day! Every restaurant and bar had some funny and cheesy decoration, but it was all just fun and all people enjoyed the atmosphere instead of complaining how silly this tradition is.  

Valentine’s Day Shopping Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and therefore it’s time to get the right details. Either you can see this as a shopping guide for the ladies or as a present list for the boys. Whatever you need it to be, take it as an assistance for buying the right pieces. Every woman wants to feel sexy and confident. But this does not start from outside. What you wear underneath is as important as your daily outfit. And who is going to watch Fifty Shades of Grey btw.? Everyone is crazy about it but no one really says that they read the books. We have absolutely fallen for the soundtrack of the movie.

Lingerie Obsession

For a girl, what she is wearing underneath is as important as the outfit she is wearing. In my opinion, every girl should have a healthy lingerie obsession, since there is nothing that makes us feel more beautiful as the right underwear. In this case, I had a weak moment at Intimissimi where I found these lovely pieces.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014

Those of you who have been following us for a longer time now, know that we are huge fans of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. And ouf course we need to show you some images of this years show. Each year the creative team comes up with some amazing themes for each walk. This time you will find among others some dream girls, exotic travlers and fairy tale beauties. The show can be seen on CBS tomorrow night. We will be waiting for an online version.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013

As already promoted in the last post here come the official pictures of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which once again was a huge spectacle. We couldn’t even tell which theme was our favorite. British Invasion and Parisian Nights were definitely one of the best. But also the Snow Angels for the big final looked amazing. Watch the whole show on the 10th of December on CBS.

Victoria’s Secret in London

The store already opened this summer but I still wanted to share it with you.   It’s their first European store and my first visit ever to a Victoria’s Secret store. Always mesmerized  by the shows, I went in and was swept away. On four floors you can shop till you drop from lingerie, to  nightwear and beauty. In the windows you find the 2011 Fashion Show collection which is pure perfection.  Have you seen the one from this year?  (the pictures we don’t own are marked with the link where to find)

Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2012

Yesterday, Victoria’s Secret once again created a shimmering, bright, sexy and glamorous world of dreams. Dream is really the right term for what Victoria’s Secret is all about- dreams of lingerie, dream bodes and beauty- something that is only barely touchable and precious. To make it short – their collection is a source of inspiration every year and we couldn’t imagine pre christmas time without it.  (Pictures found on, Just Jared)

Women’s Secret

Whether the name is nicked by some other world wide firm or not.. Who cares- important is, that this shop has such a cute collection of underwear with lots of fancy details and lovely fabrics! Unfortunately it is situated in Portugal and Spain only. At least we can look out for it when we’re on holiday!