Monate: Juni 2013


People tend to think that, because of the blog, we run around totally styled every minute, all day long. So, here is the truth: we do chose what we wear carefully but that doesn’t mean we look like we would go to a party everyday. For us it is important to look confident, casual and with a touch of elegance (this can be achieved just by wearing a beautiful necklace). Just go for some simple key-pieces and you will look effortlessly beautiful and charming. Chiffon Tank-Top – AxParis Black Skinny Jeans – H&M Black Blazer – Zara Silver Necklace – Sixx Shoes – Zara

A drink on the terrace

These pictures are connected to the post before this one. We had a special meeting on the rooftop of Hotel De Rome in Mitte (btw. Sandra Bullock was in that Hotel for a press conference at the same time, didn’t see here though). It was super hot that day and the cold drinks on the terrace came just in time. We hope you are all having a lovely Weekend!

Leather On White

Yesterday, we spent our afternoon in Berlin since we had a very special appointment. You will find out more about that, in two weeks time. Meanwhile, we experience the hottest day of the year in Berlin, time for ice-cream, sun-bathing and summer happiness! The Interview Look – What you should keep in mind! – Do wear something you feel comfortable in. Otherwise the person opposite you will see that right away – Don’t overload your face with make-up. Just give it a little touch for brightness – Always think about the location you are attending and what kind-off interview it is (get a little review about the newspaper or magazine or TV channel) – Add a little colour. Too much will distract the interviewer or the person you want to interview – Less is more (yes, we know, classic golden rule but still too many people don’t keep this in mind) White Dress – Zara Leather Jacket – Zara Statement necklace – Mango Heeled sandals – H&M Sunglasses – RayBan

A White Bow

After always dancing on stage it was finally time for us to watch the whole performance from the audience point of view. It was super fun and we enjoyed every bit of it as much as when we are on stage. Today we had our last performance, really sad. It was, again, such an amazing time. Blazer – Zara White blouse – Hollister Pink pants – Zara Star bracelet – Pilgrim Ring – Tiffany & Co.


Phillip Phillips – Home   Last weeks have been busy and the following will be even more exhausting. Nevertheless, we are highly thankful that finally summer seems to have arrived in Germany! Time for shorts, dresses and easy dressing. Let’s all have a great summer! 

White Light

Some of you might remember Fiona (visit her blog!), a really talented blogger we have already  worked with a few times. After my second ballet performance today we went out to snap  some pictures. It was a lot of fun since the weather was amazing, finally.  You will see more soon!

Beauty Summer Essentials

Summer seems to be there now and it’s the season when you really want to feel good and  happy. An inner balance is the first step and then there is of course the outer shell which  needs some polishing and pampering. When Rituals opened in Berlin last year we have  fallen in love with it straight away. Their products are a luxury for the skin, your hair and  your soul. If you want to get your whole body ready for summer this is the place you  should get your essentials from. Dry skin and damaged hair are not the  cute summer look! Yogi Flow shower-gel Zensation shower-gel Rice Scrub peeling Touch of Hammam body lotion