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Dance Christmas Calendar 2014

This year the traditional Dance Christmas Calendar is a little different. We decided to share pictures which we snapped over the whole year and combine these with current pictures. Which is why you will find stage snaps and training sessions, indoor work and outdoor fun. Find the whole calendar on Ballettstudio Marita Erxleben.

Soft Lights in Paris

I got to meet Dean from PickledThoughts on a very early morning in the centre of Paris, near to Ile de la Cité. Dean has this incredible capability of capturing beautiful morning light, which you can definitely recognize in these shots from near the Seine. We hope you like the results and be sure to stay tuned for more common projects. Dress – H&M Pointe Shoes – Gaynor Minden

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”

On Thursday I finally met Dean from PickledThoughts. A very talented and vibrant photographer based in Berlin who was looking for a dancer to take some snaps with. The little photo-session turned out to be a super great morning in Berlin. Normally I am unhappy with dancing pictures of myself but these have truly captured my heart since they show me as a person, who I really am and what my passion is. I’m faraway from being a perfect dancer, which is certainly why I love dancing so much: you will never reach the finish line. Always find something to work on, to improve. Dancing is certainly never easy and for me just half the effort is not enough. I really push myself to a limit. Normally I train 5 times a week and on the weekend do my own home workout. Told you… always on the run. Check Deans official page for some more pictures taken by him! We will be working on more fun projects together.

Dance Christmas Calendar 2013

Already last year I did a Dance Christmas Calendar for the Dance Academy we are dancing and training with. Since it was such a great success we somehow made it to a little tradition now. So, here are now some of the pictures from our this years calendar. If you want to see the rest check Dance Academy Marita Erxleben on Facebook. Picture number 4 and 8 are taken by Johannes from JFRcreatives because I’m in the pictures myself. Thanks for that man.


As promised (first post this way) here come the official pictures from the photoshoot I did for SisterMag. The photographer of the pictures is Cristopher Santos, a really cool and easy-going guy. It was such a pleasure to work with him and the SisterMag team. Pictures taken by Cristopher Santos

Dancing for sisterMag

When SisterMag asked me to take part in a photo-shooting about dance I was in straight away. It’s so much fun to share and present what you love. These are just some snaps I took. We’ll get into the details when the final result is out. Btw. Vogue Fashion’s Night Out today. Will be around Ku’damm, looking forward to be seeing some of you guys there.

Dance Christmas Calendar 2012

I did this very special project for the studio Jana and I train with. The owner, Marita Erxleben, asked me to take pictures which could be used as a virtual Christmas calendar for the Facebook page.  Every day the readers were able to see a new picture in order to make the season even more sweeter.  These are some of my favorite photos.  All pictures were photographed by Vanessa Schümmelfeder.  Using the pictures for any other reasons is forbidden.

Grecian goddess

< A little photoshoot with Davina, ballet dancer and teacher. As location we have chosen the beautiful park of Sanssouci because it was or working place for the past week. The inspiration came through the play. Davina plays the greek goddess Diana and we thought it would be nice capturing that look and the location.

Dance on the roof

Dress – H&M From time to time I like to try something different again for the blog. It’s clear that I love everything around dancing and thats why I couldn’t miss the chance on taking some pictures on this beautiful rooftop. photographed by Klemens